Adding related articles
  • 11 Jul 2022
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Adding related articles

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You can add related articles to any article in your knowledge base. Related articles will display as links at either the right or the bottom of an article on the knowledge base site and give your user additional or related information about the current topic.

Only published articles can be used as related articles.

How to add related articles to an article?


  1. Go to the desired article and click Article Settings on the top right
  2. A blade appears on the right. Expand the Related Articles section
  3. In the Search Related Articles field, type the name of the article you wish to select. When the article appears, check the box next to the name of the article
  4. Disable dual linking: Select the checkbox to disable dual linking. You can check the below section to read about dual linking

    If the checkbox is selected, the current article will not appear as a related article through dual linking. However, the added related articles will not be affected by this selection.

  5. Click Add
  6. Click Save

Dual linking

When dual linking is enabled, if Article-A is added as a related article in Article-B, then Article-B will appear as a related article in Article-A. Save time by using dual linking for adding related articles. With this option, you can avoid adding the related articles in both articles instead you can add in one article and enable dual linking.

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