Navigating your project
  • 15 Feb 2022
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Navigating your project

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The first things you see when you click on a project are


1. Main navigation bar

Switch between the main tabs

2. Category manager

Add/manage categories, subcategories, and articles

3. Document editor

Add/manage article content

The Main navigation bar is where you'll switch between the eight primary tabs you'll use most when working in Document360.


When you enter a project, the documentation editor tab is selected by default.

a. Dashboard

Click on the Document360 icon on the top left corner to access the Dashboard, from which you can have access to the different projects you own or a part of it.

b. Documentation Editor

The documentation editor is where most of your project's team members will spend most of their time. Here, you can add/manage categories and subcategories, and create, edit, and publish articles.
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c. Drive

Drive is the centralized cloud-based storage repository for Document360 customers to store and manage all file operations. If you have already used any of the other storage solutions such as Google Drive or OneDrive, getting used to all functions in Document360 Drive would be relatively easy.

You can access your Drive by clicking on the Drive icon on the left side menu.
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d. Analytics

The analytics tab shows various performance metrics for your documentation. From users' geographic location to queries that returned no results, use metrics to make data-driven decisions on what to work on next.
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e. Content tools

Content tools are where you can access advanced article content options such as templates, bulk operation, variable, snippet, import, export, tags, and more.

The are three main category buckets that we have segregated and placed under each option.

a. Documentation
b. Content reuse
c. Import & export

f. Search

Search is a dedicated space to search the entire project articles, files, tags, users, and settings. Perform a combined search across all the versions and languages simultaneously.

There are five sub-modules and one combined module (All) in the Full portal search
a. All
b. Article search
c. Drive file search
d. Users & groups search
e. Tags search
f. Settings search

g. Settings

Settings are where Team members can access most of the configuration of articles, projects, localization, billing, Knowledge base assistant, team accounts, integration and extensions, Enterprise SSO, and more.

There are four main category buckets that we have segregated and placed under each feature setting.

a. Knowledge base portal
b. Knowledge base Site
c. Knowledge base assistant
d. Users & security

h. Profile Avatar

View and make changes to your profile, find help through chats and documentation, and find out what we're working on next.

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