Leads page
  • 31 Dec 2021
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Leads page

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What is a lead?

Leads page is one of the standard object provided by Salesforce and this object having attributes like name, industry, status, owner, campaign, company, address, annual revenue, and more details.
Lead status will change based on their interest. Status like Open-Not contacted, Working-Contacted, Closed-Converted and Closed-Not converted.

For more info on Salesforce leads page you can read the help guides on Salesforce.

Adding Document360 in Leads page

Integrate the Document360 app inside the Leads page on Salesforce

  1. From the Salesforce home page, click on the App launcher on the top left
  2. Search for Leads and click on it

If you don’t have any Leads in the list, you can click on the New button at the top.
In the pop-up window, you can mention the details about your new lead such as the name, company, contact details, and more. Once done click on Save.

  1. In the Leads page, you can find the a bunch of leads. Click on any one of the Lead
  2. Now click on the Setup icon → Edit page at the top right
  3. You would be redirected to the Lightning App Builder page where you can add, drag, and drop components/widgets in your cases page
  4. On left components list you can find Visualforce when you scroll down
  5. Click, hold, drag and drop onto the design page. On the right, you can set the component height in pixels.
Height in pixels

Make sure you use the exact or bigger height pixel size you mentioned at the time of Document360 visualforce page creation. (Refer Adding a Visualforce page in the Salesforce developer console)

  1. Document360 app would be added to the page. You can add, delete, or reposition the different components in the page.
  2. Click on save button when you’re done.
  3. If you're asked to activate component in a prompt. Click on the Activate button.
  4. Go back to Leads page and find the Document360 app added

Feature Highlights

When you have Leads your marketing personal would always look to have constant touch base. Most of the time this happens over Emails, this is where the Document360 component in Salesforce leads page comes in handy. You can search, look-up, and share your knowledge base articles or links in the mail content.

Search and share articles

  • Using the Document360 app inside the Salesforce console, you can search for and look-up articles from your connected Document360 knowledge base.
  • You can choose the version and language of your knowledge base you want to refer using the dropdown below the search bar.
  • Type in the search term and relevant article results would be populated. Now you can do two things from here on.

Copy link

You can copy the article link of any article from the search result and use it in your email, chatter or any input in the Salesforce environment.

Reader view

If you want to read or look-up certain information in the article, just click on any search result and the article would be opened in the reader view. You can also copy the entire article or certain excerpts and use it in your email response or chatters.

Create articles

Did not find the article you’re looking for in the knowledge base? You can create articles for your knowledge base on the go right from the Salesforce environment.

  1. Click on the ‘+’ (Create a new article) button.
  2. Type in the title of the article and select the category for the new article
  3. In the Content section you can use the markdown editor to add the article content.
  4. Once you’re done, click on the Create article
  5. This article would be created in a draft state, which any admin, owner, or editor can login to the Document360 portal, review, and publish the article

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