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Freshchat is a modern messaging software tool for sales and customer engagement teams to communicate with website visitors.

It allows users to deploy an AI-powered chatbox with accessible integration features. The platform also provides from its integration setup to connect with all the modern conversation applications like Whatsapp, Apple Business chat, Facebook, and LINE on your website and inside your mobile app.

Freshdesk comes loaded with features like

  • One Inbox for all Messages from different communication platforms

  • Self-service with AI bots.


How will you integrate Document360 and Freshchat?

  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to Settings → Knowledge base site → Integrations.

  2. Select Freshchat from the list of integrations and click Add.

  3. The Add new integration panel will appear.

  4. Add a Description and enter your Freshchat Token.

What is Freshchat Token?

The Freshchat Token is a unique code snippet obtained from the Freshchat application, which is necessary for integrating Freshchat with Document360 in the Knowledge Base portal.

  1. If required, you can use the Code inclusion/exclusion conditions feature to insert the code based on certain conditions such as the IP address, Workspace, and Language.

  2. Once done, click Add.


How do I obtain the Freshchat Token?

  1. From the Freshchat dashboard, navigate to Settings > Admin settings.

  2. Select Configuration and Workflows section, and scroll down to Workflows.

  3. Select Web Chat Settings > Integration Settings, under Web messenger you can copy the token.


After completing the Freshchat integration with your Document360 knowledge base, open your Freshdesk account interface to view and reply your users.