Getting started
  • 24 Mar 2023
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Getting started

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Article Summary

API documentation feature in Document360

The API documentation feature in Document360 provides a complete solution for creating and managing API references. With this feature, you can create high-quality API documentation that helps your users understand and consume your APIs effectively.

We have the most-wanted option named "Try it!" which allows the users to test the API endpoints within the Knowledge base site. Check our supported authorization techniques by clicking here.

You can create dedicated versions of your API documentation. The feature provides an intuitive interface for uploading API references as URLs or JSON/YAML files. After uploading the OpenAPI definition, the interactive API endpoint articles will be created in the Knowledge base portal. Now end users can access the "Try it!" option with the available endpoints, parameters, and responses in the API documentation's Knowledge base site.

You can generate code samples with the available programming languages to help users understand how to use the API. You can view responses in a more organized way.

What are the steps involved in creating a new API reference?

  1. Access the API documentation module in Document360 project

If you have not purchased the feature and wish to use the trial version of this feature, click Get free trialProceed

  1. Click + New API reference
  2. Select the desired upload method
  3. Upload the API specification file
  4. Publish the articles

By default, you can have up to three API references in a project. If you wish to have more API references, you can purchase them as addons.

#1 Experience our Modern API Documentation in Document360 like never before

2 Test API Endpoints Directly from Documentation with Try it Feature

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