Text columns block
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Text columns block

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Add lists of features, an about section, or a contact section on your home page using the text columns block. Each column includes an icon, a title, and a space for the description text.

For example, you can add descriptions of the major features.

Adding text columns block

  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to DocumentationHome page builder and the Home page builder page appears
  2. In the home page builder, click on the + (Add a new block) icon on the right in-between the body blocks (or below the header section)
  3. Select the Text columns option. A Text columns block is added

Available options


Click on ••• at the top right corner of the text columns block to get access to the below options:

a. Change all icons color: To change the color of all icons in the block. You can use this to keep the same color for all the icons in the block

b. Remove section: To delete the block


Hover the mouse pointer over the top right corner of a column. You can see the ••• icon. Click on the ••• icon to get access to the below options:

a. Hide title: To hide the title of the column

b. Change icon: To change the icon of the column

c. Change icon color: To change the icon color of the column

d. Remove column: To remove the column

e. Drag: Click and drag this icon to relocate the column

f. Title: To edit the title of the column

g. Text format: You can format the content of the column with the below options:

  • Bold: To bold the text

  • Italic: To Italicize the text

  • URL/Link: To add a URL or link inside the content of the column

  • Unordered list: To make a list denoted with bullet points for each item

  • Ordered list: To make a list denoted with numbers for each item

h. Content: To add/edit the content of the column

i. Add column: To add a new column in the block

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