Tags - Full portal search
  • 28 Jan 2022
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Tags - Full portal search

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Article Summary

The Tags - Full portal search page serves as a dedicated space to search through and view the tag library in the knowledge base project. Team members can also view the dependency information for the tags.

Accessing the Tags - Full portal search page

  1. Click on the search icon on the left-side main menu to access the Full portal search
  2. The full portal search page appears as an overlay window


  1. Click on the minimize button on the top right to retract this screen
  2. Select the Tags tab below the search bar
  3. Type in the search keyword in the search bar
  4. The relevant search result would be populated in List view
Change view style

The tags can also be viewed as a list by clicking on the view switch available at the top-right


  1. The search results would show the following information for tags
  • Tag name
  • Dependency in articles
  • Dependency in category pages
  • Dependency in Drive files
  1. To view the detailed breakdown of the dependency information, click on the intended tag, and a Tag dependency blade appears on the right


Article/category page dependency

Shows information such as the

  • Article/category page name
  • Version
  • Language
  • Contributor
  • Current status indicator
  • Publish date.

Click on the article/category page to open the documentation editor.

File dependency

Shows the file information such as

  • File thumbnail (Only for image files)
  • Filename and format

Click on the Download button, and the file will be downloaded onto the device's local storage.
Click on the little 'x' on the top-right to close the blade.

Currently, there is no option to add, remove, or manage tags from the full portal search page.

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