Adding a new tag
  • 20 Jul 2023
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Adding a new tag

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Article Summary

Team accounts can add tags to the Document360 project, which is universally used within the project for articles, category pages, and files. Previously Document360 had exclusive and separate tags for articles and Drive files.

AI tag recommender

In Enterprise or higher plans, you can use the AI tag recommender feature to generate Tags for your articles. You can also purchase this feature as an 'addon'.

Adding tags

There are four methods to add tags to your project's Tag library.

Method 1 – From the Tag manager overview page

1_ScreenGIF_Tag library.gif

  1. Go to Content toolsTags
  2. Click the Add Tag button on the top-right
  3. Type in the Tag name and Description
  4. Click the Add button
  5. The tag is added to the existing tag library

Method 2 – From Documentation editor article settings


  1. At the top right of the documentation editor, click Article Settings and expand the Tags section
  2. Type in the new tag to add
  3. Press Return/Enter or click on the Add tag below
  4. Your new tag is added to the tag library
  5. After adding the desired tags, click the Save button

Method 3 – From the Drive file preview page


  1. Click on the Drive icon on the left menu and navigate through the folder to find your intended file
  2. Now, you can add tags by clicking on the file to view the preview and image details blade
    Click on the ••• More option next to the file and select the Add tags option
  3. You can find the Tags field below
  4. Type in the new tag you would like to add
  5. Press Return/Enter or click on the Add tag
  6. The new tag will be added to the tag library
  7. After adding the desired tags, click on the Update button

Method 4 – From the 'All content' (Bulk operations) page

4_ScreenGIF_Bulk operations.gif

  1. Go to Content toolsBulk operations
  2. Select one or more articles from the Bulk operations overview page
  3. Click on the Add tags button
  4. In the Add tags field, type in the tag name
  5. Press Return/Enter or click on the Add tag
  6. The new tag is added to the tag library


Number of tags in a project

Team members can add 1000 tags in a single project. Only 20 tags would be visible on the Tag manager overview page, and utilize the pagination at the bottom for an effortless viewing experience.

Tag character limit

Tag name character limit with spaces is 30.
Tag description character limit with spaces is 100.

Tag description

When you hover over any Tag in the Knowledge base portal and Knowledge base site, the respective Tag description appears as a tooltip.
Tag description appears below the tag title on the dedicated tag page in the Knowledge base site.

Tag requisites

Tags can contain

• Uppercase and lowercase characters (Multi-language support)
• Numbers
• Spaces
• Selective special characters _ + - @ # % ^ & ! ()

Tag name cannot contain

• Special characters \ / : * ? " <> |

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