Custom CSS and JavaScript
  • 13 May 2021
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Custom CSS and JavaScript

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Document360 gives you the ability to extend your knowledge base with CSS (Custom Style Sheets) and JavaScript.

To open either the CSS or JavaScript editor, click Custom CSS/JavaScript in Settings.

Premium feature

Custom CSS/Javascript is a premium feature available in Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ plans.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS can be used in tandem with the Custom HTML Section in the Home Page Builder and the Custom Footer in the Site Design and Navigations section in Settings. Define colors, fonts, layout, and variations to customize the theme and look of your knowledge base and articles.

CSS snippets

There are several pre-defined editable CSS snippets you can inject into the editor, which include:

  • Body font
  • Heading styles
  • Home page hero section
  • Callout blocks
  • Image alignment
  • Table styles

To add a snippet to the CSS editor:

  1. In the Custom CSS tab in Custom CSS/JavaScript, click Snippets.
  2. Select a snippet.

Custom JavaScript

Insert custom JS into your site to extend its functionality. Document360 will inject your script in the header section as an external file and execute it without changing the theme.

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