Document360 - Getting started
  • 16 May 2021
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Document360 - Getting started

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Exploring a new product can be overwhelming, so we wanted to give you a basic overview of Document360 to get you started.

Document360 is a Knowledge management platform that allows project members to create and curate a self-service public or private Knowledge base. There are two main interfaces you'll interact with when using the product:

  • The Project Dashboard

  • The Knowledge Base

Let's have a quick look at these two faces of Document360

The Project Dashboard

The project dashboard is the first thing you will see when you log in to It is where project members would create categories, articles, manage files, users, set up knowledge base site branding, domain, and so on. Anything created and/or configured on the project dashboard will effect what an end-user or reader would see on the Knowledge base.

Here are some things you'll find on the project dashboard

1. Documentation

The Documentation menu is where you'll create and maintain the Tree-view folder structure of categories that will keep your articles organized. Start a knowledge base by creating categories and sub-categories, and then fill them with articles. Drag and drop categories and articles to reorder, hide, rename, and delete them using the ••• more options menu that appears when you hover your mouse over any item on the left navigation pane.
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Writing and publishing articles in Document360 is simple: pick your category, create an article(title and slug), write, edit, add SEO details, and then publish to your knowledge base.

When you update or edit an article(Forking), Document360 will create a new version of it without affecting the public version so you can make the changes you need and re-publish when you're ready. You can identify the articles easily using the article status indicators. Doument360 maintains all the versions so you can check differences between versions.
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2. Home Page Builder

The Home Page Builder helps you create a home page for your knowledge base. Customize it with company styles, knowledge base categories, text sections, header banners, and so on.

3. Drive

A centralized cloud-based storage repository for Document360 customers to store and manage all file operations. If you have already used any of the other heavyweights such as Google Drive or OneDrive, getting used to all functions in Document360 Drive would be rather easy.

You can access your Drive by clicking on the Drive icon on the left side menu.
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Image 2 - ScreenGIF - Adding files to a drive folder

4. Analytics

Document360 includes Analytics menu with tools to help you understand end-user engagement with your knowledge base. Analytics are accessed from the dashboard navbar and include six different metrics.

5. Settings

Settings is where you set and configure all things project and knowledge base related. Invite team members, edit notification settings, configure domains, set up article redirects, etc.
The different features are mapped under four broad classifications in the Settings menu.

1. Project Admin
2. Knowledge Base Site
3. Knowledge Base Assistant
4. Advanced

The Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is the website end-users will access to read articles and find helpful answers.

Set your knowledge base to be either public or private, public being accessible to anyone on the internet, and private being restricted with login screens.

Other Resources

Got Feedback?

We actively maintain a public portal to receive feedback from our customers and users. It also features our roadmap, so if you're curious as to what's coming to the product next, this is the best place to look!

Feature Explorer

The feature explorer will help you understand how much progress you have made learning all the features that come with Document360. Every time you use or check out a part of the product you haven't seen before, it will automatically update your progress, giving you an easy way to visualize whether you've explored all the featues in the product.

Need Help?

If you need any help or have any questions, reach out to us! Just click on your profile avatar to:

  • Send an in-app chat
  • Send us an Email
  • Read our docs
  • Watch some tutorial videos

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