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This is the release note of an older version of Document360. 

To read about the recent product advancements and releases, check out our latest Release note.

Article Summary

New features

1. Recycle bin for categories and articles

One of the most requested features by our customers, the Recycle bin for deleted categories and articles is now available in Document360. Now users don’t have to worry about accidental article/category deletions, as the item would be available in the recycle bin.

Users can restore the deleted item anytime in the next 30 days unless the article/category has been manually deleted from the recycle bin as well.


The Recycle bin can be found above the category manager (left navigation pane). Users can find the deleted article/category along with the information like Name, category path, deleted by, date modified, and date deleted. The deleted items can be restored in a matter of seconds by clicking on the ••• More → Restore option.


For easy access users can also use the Delete forever to remove specific articles/categories (or) use the Empty recycle bin option to remove all the items in the bin.

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2. Custom email domain authentication

By default, notification emails sent to the Document360 team members and readers are sent from Now users can configure their custom email domain on Document360, so the notification emails are sent from the configured custom email domain.


Users can access this new feature in the Settings → Knowledge base portal → Notifications → Email domain tab. To enable this feature users must first point DNS entries from their DNS provider (like GoDaddy, Rackspace, Cloudflare, etc.) to Document360. It may take up to 24 hours after configuration for a custom email domain to be recognized.

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1. Drive file search

We have enhanced the file search capabilities in the Document360 Drive. We have also added an Empty recycle bin option to the Drive's bin folder.

a. Folder specific search

Earlier when the users perform a search on the Drive, the search would be spread across all the files on the Drive. Now with this update, users can search in the files specific to the folder or subfolder they are in at that moment.

b. Extended Search bar access


Earlier search capabilities were only limited to the ‘All content’ page and overview pages of folder and subfolder on the Drive. Now with this update, the search functionality has been added to the Recent, Starred, and Recycle bin folders on the Drive. The search would be spread across the respective folder selected.

c. Empty recycle bin


Another handy update to the Recycle bin on the Drive is the addition of the Empty recycle bin option. Earlier users had to manually select all the files in the recycle bin one page at a time and use the Delete forever option. Now with just the click of the Empty recycle bin button, the entire recycle bin can be emptied.

2. Export to PDF

a. Header image customization


Earlier, in the PDF design template (Content tools → Import & Export → Export to PDF → Design template) the Header image was predefined and cannot be changed. With the latest update users can choose the Image size dropdown and select from small, medium, large, or any custom size in pixels (Height - 20px to 85px and Width - 20px to 150px).

b. Quick navigation in the Preview window


Users can easily click on the quick navigation options (Cover page, Table of content, Content) found on the preview window on the right. The preview jumps to the selected option in the generated PDF.

c. Live preview

We have added the live preview option to the design template page. As the user edits the different aspects of the template (For ex. Cover page title) the preview window on the right would also display the changes live.

d. Team audit and notifications

Earlier, only the export event was captured in the Team auditing section. With this latest update, all the activities such as creating, updating, or deleting the content and design templates. The same applies to the notification sent for these events in the Export to PDF feature.


  • We have introduced the option to input Dart language codes using the Insert codeblocks option in both the editors (Markdown and WYSIWYG)
  • The Search in PDF attachments on-demand service can be activated by contacting support directly from the smart bar seen below the search bar in the Drive folder
  • Minor performance, bug fixes, and security improvement can also be observed in the knowledge base portal and site


As a major pricing revision is being rolled out effective from October 30, 2021, some noticable changes can be observed in the Billing section and the Pricing page

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