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This is the release note of an older version of Document360. 

To read about the recent product advancements and releases, check out our latest Release note.

New feature

Find and replace

Now you can search for any text/phrase and replace it across the Knowledge base project in one place. Use this feature when you update any keyword/phrase in multiple instances (articles/category pages) in your knowledge base.

Note: This feature applies only to the article and category page content.


  1. Go to Content toolsDocumentationFind and replace
  2. Enter the search keyword/phrase in the Find field
  3. Select the articles and category pages in which you want to replace
  4. Enter the desired keyword/phrase you want to replace in the Replace with field
  5. Click Replace
  6. Select the desired article status after replace and click Proceed

You can also utilize the Match whole words and below filter options to narrow down the search results:

  • Version/Language
  • Visibility
  • Status
  • Contributors
  • Tags
  • Updated on

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UI/UX improvements

Context menu consistency

Consistency across the context menus in the Documentation module is addressed. The context menus of the article, category, starred, and category manager is made consistent now.

Open the article/category in a new tab

Now you can open articles and categories in a new tab from the Knowledge base portal. This improvement helps you open the articles/categories in multiple browser tabs and perform a comparison, copy, and paste of the content effectively. Earlier, this option was unavailable for the articles and categories.

Other improvements

Minor performance, bug fixes, and security improvements can also be observed in the Knowledge base portal and Knowledge base site.

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