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Document360 facilitates easy integration of third-party apps and services into your knowledge base. Now users can choose from 20+ integration options available. These integration help users with specialized solutions for the following categories

  • Chat
  • Analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Commenting
  • Custom HTML


Adding a new integration

You can integrate the third-party app or services into your Document360 projects.

  1. Go to Settings, under Knowledge base site select Integrations menu
  2. You can find the list of integrations if you have added any earlier
  3. Click on the Add new integration button and a side window would appear on the right
  4. Here you can find the list of featured and other integration options available
  5. Also, you can identify if the integration is currently active or not with the
  6. Select from the list the app or service you want to integrate
  7. You can find the short description of what the integration does and the status of the integration (On/Off) in your knowledge base
  8. Now in type in the Description () and the App ID () and click on Add


The ID or URL would change based on the individual integration
9. For an elaborate setup instruction for any particular app, click on the learn more link
10. The added integration would appear in the list on the Integration main setting page

Integration controls

You can find the list of integration you’ve added on the Integration overview setting page (Settings → Knowledge base site → Integrations).

Now users can switch On/Off the integrations on your knowledge base without having to remove or delete the integration completely.

  • Status – Toggle on/off an already added integrations. Green indicates the integration is active and Gray indicates the integration is inactive.
  • Type – The name and icon of the integration
  • Description – The custom description given by the user
  • Updated on – The last log date the integration was added or updated
  • User(s) – The team member(s) who added or updated the integration

Integrations available



Marketing automation


Editing or Deleting an integration

Users can update an already added integration’s credentials anytime on the Integration overview setting page (Settings → Knowledge base site → Integrations).

Hover over the integration with your mouse pointer, the Edit and Delete icons would appear. Click on the Edit icon to update the Status (on/off), description, or App ID/URL and finally click on the Update button at the bottom.

To delete an integration, hover your mouse pointer over the integration and click on Delete icon. In the Delete confirmation prompt again click on Delete button.

Check out the below tutorial video: