Advanced search allows you to segregate the search results with the available filter options. You can perform a combined search across all the workspaces and languages simultaneously. This page would help the readers find the desired search results using the available filter options.

For example, you want the search results for the keyword "login" in the FAQ and Troubleshooting versions that have been updated in the last four months.

  • Search the keyword "login" on the knowledge base site and click Go to advanced search link
  • Apply filters in the 'Workspace / Language' and 'Updated on' dropdowns
  • The desired search results are populated immediately

How to enable advanced search?


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to Settings -> Knowledge base site -> Article settings & SEO

  2. Navigate to the Search settings section, and you can find the Enable advanced search toggle

  3. Toggle it to On

Check the Include all workspaces in search, to include all the workspaces in your search

Turn off advanced search
  • If you want to turn off the advanced search, toggle it to Off

  • If the Enable advanced search toggle is turned off, the filter options will not be available in the KB site

How to access the advanced search on the Knowledge base site?


  1. Search any keyword which returns a result in the Search field of the Knowledge base site

  2. Click the Go to advanced search link, and the advanced search page appears

  3. Use the filter options to narrow down your search results. The below filter options are available at the top:

    • Workspace / Language - To filter the search results with workspace(s) and language(s). You can select multiple workspace(s) and language(s)
    • Category - To filter the search results with categories
    • Contributors - To filter the search results with the contributors
    • Tags - To filter the search results with the tags
    • Updated on - To filter the search results with the updated date range
  4. The search results are populated as you type the keyword or apply any filter

How to reset the filter(s)?

You would want to reset or remove the applied filter options on the advanced search page.

  1. Click the "X" (Reset filter) button next to the filter options on the top right
  2. All the applied filter(s) would be reset