Team accounts can efficiently review assigned articles using the "Inline Comments" feature within the Workflow Designer.


You can use the "Inline comments" feature only on the "Advanced WYSIWYG editor."

Adding inline comments to an article

  1. Navigate to the desired article within the {{glossary.Knowledge base portal}}.
  2. Ensure that the editor selection is set to the Advanced WYSIWYG editor.
  3. Select any part of the article using your cursor.
    A bubble menu appears.
  4. Click the Comment ( ) icon, to open the comment box.
    1. Adding inline comments to an article
  • You can mention another Team account in your project by using the @ symbol.
  • Basic text formatting options such as bold and lists are available.
    Comments are visually indicated by a yellow highlight.

Once you've added your comment, the mentioned Team account will receive a notification.

Managing comments

  • View comment - Click the yellow highlighted area or the comment icon next to the article settings to view the comment.
  • Resolve comment - If a comment has been addressed, a Team account can mark it as resolved by clicking the "Tick" icon.
  • Edit or Delete comment - You can edit or delete your comments by selecting the "More" option at the top of the comment box. Note that these actions are only available for comments that you have added.
  • Reply to comment - Team accounts can respond to the comments from other Team accounts using the reply area within the comment box.