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The content is currently unavailable in German. You are viewing the default English version.

This is the release note of an older version of Document360. 

To read about the recent product advancements and releases, check out our latest Release note.

Article Summary

New features

1. SEO description generator

Use the SEO description generator to generate the meta descriptions for your articles and category pages effortlessly. This AI-powered feature will generate the best meta description for your articles and category pages based on the content. This is an addon feature and is available only for the English language.

For an article/category page:

Go to the desired article/category page → Article settings/Category settingsSEOGenerate meta descriptionSave

For multiple articles/category pages:

Go to SettingsKnowledge base siteSEO settingsMeta management
Select the desired articles and category pages
Click Generate meta descriptionSave


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2. Custom pages

Custom pages feature allows you to customize and style the static web pages in your Knowledge base. Both the basic and custom style (CSS/HTML) options are available.

Go to SettingsKnowledge base siteCustom pages

You can customize the below static pages in Document360:

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3. Block inheritance

Earlier, if you want to restrict the content level access of inherited team accounts, you would be adding them to the denied list manually in the respective content level. With the Block inheritance option, you can restrict the content access of team accounts irrespective of the inheritance. This allows you to configure the access of any content level (version/language/category/article) to only the desired team accounts and team account groups.

For example, you have six inherited team accounts in version 'V1', and you want to provide access only to two team accounts.


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1. Dual linking

When dual linking is enabled, if Article-A is added as a related article in Article-B, then Article-B will appear as a related article in Article-A. Save time by using dual linking for adding related articles. With this option, you can avoid adding the related articles in both articles; instead, you can add one article and enable dual linking.

Dual linking is disabled by default for projects created before July 09, 2022, and enabled by default for projects created after that.

Go to SettingsKnowledge base siteArticle settingsArticle right or bottom

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2. Image cropping in WYSIWYG editor

The image cropping option is available now in the WYSIWYG editor. This option allows you to crop the image inside the editor. You can also add text and rotate the image.

  1. Click the desired image in the editor, and you find the Advanced edit option in the image formatting popup
  2. Click Advanced edit and an editing window appears with various options
  3. Click Crop / Text / Rotate
  4. Perform the desired actions and click Save

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3. SSO login for Support page

SSO login has been enabled for the support page. All Document360 users can access the support page with the portal credentials. Previously only particular users with support page credentials could access the support page. You can track the support tickets raised through the email support (or) support page.

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4. Remember state

Remember state feature is enhanced to store the UI state of the below elements:

  • Filter
  • Accordion
  • Grid sort
  • Category manager slider
  • Language dropdown
  • Version dropdown

This functionality works when you navigate between different modules (Documentation/Drive/Analytics/Content tools/Settings).

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5. Export PDF

Previously, the export content size limit was 2 MB. Now it has been increased to 15 MB. This enhancement allows you to export large PDF files.

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6. Ticket deflector localization

Localization for various elements in the ticket deflector has been added. You can localize the ticket deflector elements and enhance the user experience.

  • Go to SettingsKnowledge base portalLocalization & VersionsLocalization variables
  • Select the desired language under the Select language section
  • Expand the Ticket deflector section and update the desired elements
  • Click Save

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UI/UX improvements

  • Help icon is added in the left menu bar. Tutorial videos, Get assistance, Chat with us, Documentation, System status, and Feedback are moved into this section
  • Slug change confirmation prompts of articles and tags have been updated to add individual fields for redirection and confirmation
  • In the article/category pages, team accounts that contributed to the updates are listed at the top in the Manage contributors dropdown. This improvement makes it easier to identify who is responsible for updating content


Snippets in Markdown articles

Previously, snippets with spaces in their names were not rendered in Markdown articles. This issue has been fixed now. For existing articles, you can resolve the problem by republishing them.

What's new

What's new page slug /whats-new is changed to /whats-newx
All the recent articles published (new and forked) in the selected version would be displayed on this page.

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