Account types
  • 10 Mar 2022
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Account types

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There are two account types in Document360:

1. Team Accounts
2. Reader Accounts

Team Accounts include anyone who has been assigned the portal role and content role in your project and can access the project dashboard. Reader accounts are only assigned when a knowledge base is set to Private and give users the ability to log in to your knowledge base.

Team Accounts

Team accounts are the contributors to the knowledge base. They can view and manage the content of a knowledge base as per their roles and access.
Portal role and Content role would be assigned to the team accounts.

Roles determine what parts of a project a team member can access or edit. You can also assign custom roles to any team member.

The amount of team accounts a project has varies by subscription plan. However, you can add additional team accounts if you need more than are listed in any subscription plan.

Reader Accounts

There are two types of reader accounts:

1. Public
2. Private

Public readers are the end-users of a non-private knowledge base. Since a public knowledge base has no login page, unlimited readers can access it.

Private readers are end-users who must first log in to a private knowledge base to access the documentation. Team accounts can add unlimited reader accounts on the knowledge base from the Business tier onwards.

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