Deleting your Document360 account
  • 13 Oct 2022
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Deleting your Document360 account

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Deleting an account with Document360 would ensure that

  • All portal and content access revoked
  • No access to any private or mixed knowledge base associated or owned
  • Contributor mentions across the knowledge base is removed

This account delete action, once done, cannot be undone.


  1. From the Knowledge base portal or Dashboard, click on the profile image on the bottom left
  2. Select the My profile option, and the blade appears on the right with all the profile information


  1. Click on the Delete account button

The Article contribution statistics are displayed below the profile information while accessing the My profile blade when inside a project. Scroll to the bottom of the blade to find the Delete account button.


  1. A Delete account confirmation prompt appears,
  2. Type in Yes to confirm the delete action
  3. The account would be successfully deleted from Document360

Delete account option will be disabled, if you are the only sole owner for a project.

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