Chrome is a widely used and free cross-platform web browser. There are different extensions available on the Chrome Web Store to aid in different functions.

Extensions are the small software programs that enable users to tailor browser functionality and behaviour to individual needs or preferences.

The Document360 extension is now available in Chrome web store, which can be added to the browser.

With the Document360 Google Chrome Extension and access to the API key, we can connect, access, and look up the articles from your knowledge base within your browser anytime, anywhere.

Chrome extension: setup

Adding the Document360 extension in Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome browser application and navigate to the Chrome Web Store

  2. Browser or search the Document360 extension and click it
    On the description page, the details can be viewed

  3. To add the extension, click "Add to Chrome"

  4. A pop-up would appear; click "Add extension" in it


  1. You can view the Document360 logo in your launcher, and your extensions in Chrome as buttons on the toolbar

  2. You can always manage your extension settings:
    In Chrome, click More (three vertical dots) → Extensions -> Manage Extensions, and all the available extensions would be listed

  • You can add or remove extensions in the Chrome browser only when you’re logged in with your Google account.
  • Also, you’ll not be able to add extensions in Chrome as a guest user.
  • If you want to access the extension in Incognito window, go to the Manage extensions option and turn on the Allow in incognito option.

API key configuration

  1. Click on the Document360 icon from the launcher at the top. A side window appears with the required field for the API key


  1. Go to the desired Document360 portal

  2. Go to "Settings -> Knowledge base portal -> Extensions", and all the available extensions will be listed

  3. In the chrome extension, click "Details"

  4. The ""Chrome details"" pop-up appears with an "Internal integration token" key

  5. Copy the generated key by clicking on the clipboard icon

Now paste the key into the Document360 launcher on Chrome and click on "Save". Now your Knowledge base would be integrated and available anywhere and anytime on your Chrome browser.

Feature highlights

Easy launch and customization
13. Once the Document360 Chrome extension has been successfully integrated using the API key, you can easily launch the Document360 assistant in your Chrome window

  1. When you open a new Chrome tab or window, click on the Document360 icon in the extension toolbar at the top to launch it

  2. You can also toggle the assistant either to the left or right side of the window

The default mode will be the right side.


Quick launch label

  1. If you close the Document360 assistant, you can find the Document360 quick launch label on the right side of your browser window

  2. Just click on the label to launch the assistant on the same Chrome tab

18.You can drag the label along the vertical axis and position it in your convenient spot

ou can also remove the label by hovering your mouse pointer over the label and clicking on the ‘x’ close button

Page Help

This is the default tab when you launch the Document360 extension.

You can find the top-searched articles listed based on your previous searches on the knowledge base.

You can also search for articles using keywords. Just type in your search term in the field. As you type, the relevant search results for articles will be listed. Select the article, and you can view the entire article in reader view.

And the options available in the reader view's are

Copy: Click on the copy icon to copy the content of the entire article to your clipboard
Open in new tab: This option would open the article location on your knowledge base in a new browser tab
⤢ Expand: This option would expand your reader view screen (not full-screen view)


Knowledge base view

Click on the Document360 launcher icon on the Chrome window and select the Knowledge base tab in the assistant window.

This option will give you access to the entirety of the integrated knowledge base. You can browse through the various categories, subcategories, and articles inside the assistant itself.

This would be an exact copy of the tree-view structure of the integrated knowledge base.

You can click on the articles and view the content from the reader's point of view.

Removing the Document360 extension in Chrome

To remove the Document360 extension from your Chrome browser, you can either visit the Document360 page in the Chrome Web Store, click on the Remove from Chrome button, or click Remove again in the prompt.

Just right-click on the Document360 launcher icon in the Chrome window, select the Remove from Chrome option, and click Remove in the prompt.