What is Document360 - My projects?

The My projects is the first space you view when you log into your Document360 account. This contains an overview of all your projects and navigations in Document360. The Document360 projects you own or are associated with as a Team account or a Reader are displayed as tiles here.

You can create a new or Sandbox project from this space using the buttons on the top right.


Navigating the 'My project' page

1. Projects

The Document360 projects you own and those you are associated with as a Team account or reader are available. You can click on the project tile and easily navigate to the project.

Project tile elements - Team account


a. Logo
b. Project name
c. Project site access (Public, Private, or Mixed)
d. View in Knowledge base site
e. Documentation editor
f. Analytics
g. Settings

2. My profile

Access and manage your profile information in this menu. You can also log out of your Document360 account from here.


3. Release updates

Click on the icon to read about the latest updates in the Document360 product. Click on the release updates to expand and read the release posts.

4. Help

Access the different forms of help and guides from Document360, System status, and Feedback forum.