Cases page
  • 12 May 2023
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Cases page

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Article Summary

The Document360 app can be integrated into the Salesforce Cases home page, allowing users and support agents to search and view articles from the knowledge base within the console. The Knowledge Base tab allows users to search for articles and categories by name, content, tag or slug. The Reader View displays the article/category in full detail, with options to copy excerpts or open in a new tab. Recommended articles are automatically fetched based on keywords in the case subject. Finally, users can create new articles for their knowledge base directly from Salesforce.

What is a case in Salesforce?

A 'Case' is a customer's question, feedback, or issue. Support agents can review cases to see how they can deliver better service. The source of the customer's approach might be through different mediums like phone, email, web, or social media.

Adding Document360 in Cases home page

Integrate the newly added Document360 app inside the Cases home page on Salesforce.

  1. From the Salesforce home page, click the App launcher on the top left
  2. Search for Cases and click on it
  3. The recently added cases are found on the Cases home page. You can create a new case if you don't have any active cases.
Creating a new case
  • To add a new case, click the New button at the top right
  • In the pop-up window, you can mention the details about your new case, such as the nature of the case, customer information, case origin, priority, and more
  • Click Save
  1. Click on the desired case, and the overview page of the respective case appears
  2. Click gear (Setup) icon at the top right → Edit Page
  3. You would be redirected to the Lightning App Builder page where you can add components/assistants with a drag and drop in your cases page
  4. Search for Visualforce in the 'Search...' field at the top left
  5. Drag and drop the Visualforce component to the design page. You can set the component height in pixels on the right section.
Height in pixels

Ensure you use the exact or bigger height pixel size you mentioned during the Document360 Visualforce page creation. (Refer Adding a Visualforce page in the Salesforce developer console)

  1. Document360 app is added to the page. You can add, delete, or reposition the different components on the page
  2. Once done, click the Save button at the top right
  3. If an activate component prompt appears, click the Activate button
  4. Now navigate back to the Cases page, and the knowledge base section is added


Feature highlights

With the Document360 app inside the Salesforce console, your organization's user/support agent can search and view articles from your knowledge base within the console. Create new articles for your knowledge base on the go right from the Salesforce environment.

Knowledge base

In the Knowledge Base tab, you can search and view the articles and categories in your Knowledge base. Use the dropdowns at the top right of the section to choose your knowledge base's workspace and language. 'Copy link' and 'Open article' options are available for every article and category, except folder categories.

Searching articles and categories

You can search the article/category name, content, tag, and slug in the Search field.

  • Type in the search term, and relevant article/category results are populated
  • Click the desired article/category to read or review any information. When you click the article/category, it appears in the reader's view
    You can use the Filter field to search the articles and categories by their name.

Reader view

If you want to read or look up some information in the article, click on any search result or access the article/category with the category manager. If you click the article/category, it appears in the reader view. This is applicable for every article and category except folder categories.

  • You can copy the entire article or some excerpts and use them in your responses or communication.
  • Copy link: To copy the article/category page link, click the Copy icon at the top right of the section. You can use it in your response or any input in the Salesforce environment
  • Open article: To view the article/category in your Knowledge base site, click the Open article icon next to the Copy icon. The Knowledge base site view of the article/category appears in the new tab



Document360 automatically fetches articles related to your case and displays these articles in this tab. The articles are fetched based on the keyword in the "Subject" of the case.

By default, articles from the main workspace and default language are listed as recommended. You can also change the workspace and language selection using the dropdown at the top widget.

Five articles are listed in this section. The article title, one-line content excerpt, Copy button, and Open in a new tab are available for the articles listed in this section.

Create articles

Could not find the article you are looking for in the Knowledge base?

You can create articles for your knowledge base on the go right from the Salesforce environment.

  1. Click the Create article tab
  2. Enter the Title of the article
  3. Select the desired Category where you want the new article to appear
  4. Enter the article content in the Content section. You can use the markdown syntax in this section
  5. Once done, click on the Create article button at the bottom
  6. The article created will be in draft state. An admin, owner, or editor can access the Document360 portal to review and publish the new article now


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