• 17 Feb 2021
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Coming soon

This integration feature is in the Beta phase.

Document360 integration within the Salesforce console enhances and equips your support agents with a powerful knowledge base while serving customers. You can look-up or share articles easily and create articles for your knowledge base right from Salesforce.

Basic setup guide

1. Salesforce developer account

If you already have a Developer edition (Salesforce Lightning platform account) you can skip this step

First you would need a Salesforce developer account, for which you can sign up using the link ( Type in the details required and hit Sign me up button at the bottom.

You would receive a mail on your registered email with the verification link, your account URL, and the username. Click on the Verify account link in the mail and you’d be redirected to your Home page (Salesforce lightning platform). Keep the Salesforce account open in your browser tab and log into the Document360 portal in a new tab/window.

2. Authorize Salesforce integration from your Document360 portal

Login to your Document360 portal to authorize the Salesforce integration.

  1. Click on the Settings → Advanced → Extensions, under the Helpdesk tab you can find the Salesforce widget
  2. Click on the Authorize button and you would be prompted to the Allow access window, click on Allow
  3. You can find the status (Project connected to Salesforce…) in the Salesforce widget. You can also find the Salesforce account URL connected with your project


3. Installing Document360 app on Salesforce

Use the link provided below to install the Document360 app

  1. Link:
  2. Open the above link in your web browser
  3. You would be redirected to the Salesforce login page. Log in with your credentials
  4. Now select from any one of the 3 options provided
    Install for admins only
    Install for all users (default)
    Install for specific profiles
  5. Click on the Install button, wait for Installation complete prompt and click on Done


4. Adding a Visualforce page in the Salesforce developer console

Now you have to simply add the piece of code provided below in your Salesforce developer console to create a Visualforce page

  1. In your Salesforce developer edition home page, you can find the setup icon at the top right, click on it and select Developer console
  2. A code window would appear in a new window
  3. Click on File → New → Visualforce page, and add a name for your Visualforce page
  4. Click on the copy button below and paste the below code in the code page
<apex:page standardController="Case"> <apex:canvasApp applicationName="Document360" namespacePrefix="Document360" height="600px" width="500px"/> </apex:page>

The height and width of the application can be edited in pixels (px) ex. Height=”800px” width=”600px”

  1. Save the page using File → Save (or) Ctrl + S and close the window


  1. Your Visualforce page would be created. You can see the recently created items using the left navigation pane. Use the quick find and search for Visualforce page
  2. You can find the recently added Visualforce page. Click on the Edit option next to the recently added Visualforce page
  3. You can edit the Label and name of the page; the description field is optional.
  4. Click on the “Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile appcheckbox to enable it
  5. Click on the Save button at the frame top


5. Adding Document360 in Salesforce environment (Cases home page)

Integrate the newly added Document360 app inside the Cases home page on Salesforce

The Cases page highlighted here in one of the many use cases of Document360 in Salesforce.
You can follow the similar instructions provided below to add Document360 app in different compatible sections (where Visualforce page is supported) in your Salesforce console.

  1. From the Salesforce home page, click on the App launcher on the top left
  2. Search for Cases and click on it, If you don’t have any active cases, you can click on the New button at the top right.
    In the pop-up window, you can mention the details about your new case such as the nature of case, customer info, case origin, priority, and more.
What is a case?

A case is a customer’s question, feedback, or issue. Support agents can review cases to see how they can deliver better service. The source of the customer’s approach might be through different mediums like phone, email, web, or social media.

  1. In the Cases home page, you can find the recently added cases. Click on any one of the case
  2. Now click on the Setup icon → Edit page at the top right
  3. You would be redirected to the Lightning App Builder page where you can add, drag, and drop components/widgets in your cases page
  4. On left components list you can find Visualforce when you scroll down
  5. Click, hold, drag and drop onto the design page. On the right, you can set the component height in pixels.
Height in pixels

Make sure you use the exact or bigger height pixel size you mentioned at the time of Document360 visualforce page creation. (Refer 4. Adding a Visualforce page in the Salesforce developer console)

  1. Document360 app would be added to the page. You can add, delete, or reposition the different components in the page.
  2. Click on save button when you’re done.
  3. If you're asked to activate component in a prompt. Click on the Activate button.
  4. Go back to Cases page and find the Document360 app added


Feature Highlights

Search and share articles

  • Using the Document360 app inside the Salesforce console, the user/support agent of your organization can search for and look-up articles from your connected Document360 knowledge base.
  • You can choose the version and language of your knowledge base you want to refer using the dropdown below the search bar.
  • Type in the search term and relevant article results would be populated. Now you can do two things from here on.

Copy link

You can copy the article link of any article from the search result and use it in your response or any input in the Salesforce environment.

Reader view

If you want to read or look-up certain information in the article, just click on any search result and the article would be opened in the reader view. You can also copy the entire article or certain excerpts and use it in your responses or communication.


Create articles

Did not find the article you’re looking for in the knowledge base? You can create articles for your knowledge base on the go right from the Salesforce environment.

  1. Click on the ‘+’ (Create a new article) button.
  2. Type in the title of the article and select the category for the new article
  3. In the Content section you can use the markdown editor to add the article content.
  4. Once you’re done, click on the Create article
  5. This article would be created in a draft state, which any admin, owner, or editor can login to the Document360 portal, review, and publish the article


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