Intercom is a conversational and messenger-based business solution provider. It is a SaaS product that enables effective customer communication using chatbots, live messaging, etc.

You can use Intercom with Document360 to provide real-time support for your website users by searching and sharing articles (link or article content) from your Document360 Knowledge base within the Intercom chat box.


To enable the Intercom messenger integration in Document360, you will need an Intercom account and the Intercom workspace ID associated with that account.

Basic setup guide

  1. Go to Settings → Knowledge base portal → Extensions
  2. You can find the Intercom under the Helpdesk section
  3. Click "Connect" on the tile to generate an API token


  1. You are redirected to the Intercom page
    (If you are not logged in, then the Sign in page on Intercom)
  2. On the authorization page, click on "Authorize access"


  1. You are redirected to the Extensions page on Document360
  2. Click on the "Edit" icon available in the Intercom tile
  3. Choose the workspace and language from the dropdown
  4. The selected workspace and language will be added to the Document360 app on Intercom

Feature highlights

1. Search for and share articles in chat response

When a customer or website user tries to initiate the chat support conversation by clicking on the Intercom messenger icon on your web page, you will get a notification on the Intercom workspace. As usual, your support agent or you respond to the conversations from the Intercom workspace.

Sometimes, you would search and share an article with the user on the other end. Follow the below steps in that instance:

  1. Click the Document360 icon, and a small search window appears
  2. Type the keyword or question in the search bar and click the > button or press Enter
  3. The top three relevant articles from your knowledge base are listed


  1. If there are more relevant articles, click on the see more option
  2. Click on the intended article, and it will be inserted in your chat window as an assistant
  3. Hit either the Send (or) Send and Close button
  4. The customer receives the article assistant
  5. The article will open in a separate tab when the customer clicks on the assistant

Now, you can respond by either searching and sharing an article from the knowledge base (or) sending an Article search app assistant where the customers can search for the articles from the Knowledge base.

Hyperlink's appearance and display changes

When a hyperlink of an article is sent through the intercom chat assistant, it opens in the intercom chat box on the user site, unlike when the hyperlinked article opens in a new browser tab.

2. Article search app assistant


Apart from searching and sharing an article with the users, you or your agent might also need to add an article from the Intercom workspace to your knowledge base.

Follow the steps below to create an Intercom article that reflects your Document360 portal.

  1. Click on the Document360 icon found on the chat response options in line with the send button
  2. A small Document360 app assistant opens, where you can find the Create an article option with two text fields and a dropdown field
  3. Fill in the fields
  4. Click the Create Article button