• 23 Jul 2020
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Intercom is a conversational and messenger based business solution provider. It’s a SaaS product that enables effective communication with customers using chat bots, live messaging, and much more.
We have designed Document360 in a way where third-party extensions like Intercom can be configured by the users without any complexity. You can use Intercom with Document360 to provide real-time support for your website users by searching for and sharing articles (link or article content) from your Document360 knowledge base, within the Intercom chat box.

To enable the Intercom messenger integration in Document360, you will need an Intercom account and the Intercom workspace ID associated with that account.

Basic setup guide

Acquiring the Intercom app ID

The app ID or also referred to as the workspace ID is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to your intercom application at the time of creation. This app ID is essential when you integrate the messenger application with any third party platform; in this case, the Document360 knowledge base.

There are two way to acquire the app ID

  1. Login to your Intercom account
  2. Now in the page URL you’d find the app ID after /apps/

1 Screenshot - App ID from Intercom URL

  1. In the above example you can see that the unique app ID is o8nqlawz


  1. After logging in to you intercom workspace, place your mouse pointer on the profile icon on the bottom left corner of the navigation menu
  2. Click on Settings and select web under the Installation accordion ( Settings → Installation → Web)
  3. In the Basic JavaScript for website visitors code block you can find the workspace ID after app_id:

2 Screenshot - App ID from settings menu JavaScript snippet

Setting up Intercom messenger on website

  1. Once you have acquired the Intercom app ID copy it
  2. Head back to Document360 dashboard
  3. Go to Settings and click Integrations
  4. In Internal Integrations tab, click on Add new integration

3 Screenshot - Document360 integration page for intercom

  1. Select Intercom from the list
  2. In the description field enter a name or any text (optional)
  3. In the Intercom ID field paste the copied app ID
  4. Click Add

4 Screenshot - Document360 integration page adding the intercom ID

Once you've successfully integrated Intercom with the Document360 platform, the Intercom messenger icon would be added to your website.

6 Screenshot - Document360 page after intercom chat integration

Premium feature

The Intercom integration is a premium feature available in Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ plans.

Feature highlights

Search for and share articles in chat response

When a customer or website user tries to initiate the chat support conversation by clicking on the Intercom messenger icon on your webpage, you would get a notification on the Intercom workspace. As usual your support agent or you respond to the conversations from the Intercom workspace.

At any point of time you feel the need to search and share an article with the user on the other end; just click on the Document360 icon found on the chat response options in-line with the send button.

  1. Once you’ve clicked on the icon a small search window appears
  2. Type the keyword or question in the search bar and click the > button or press Enter
  3. Top three relevant articles from your knowledge base would be listed

8 Screenshot - Intercom chat response window- search and share articles

  1. If there are more relevant articles click on the see more option
  2. Click on the intended article and it would be inserted in your chat window as a widget
  3. Hit either Send or Send and close button
  4. The customer receives the article widget
  5. When they click on the widget the article page would be opened in a separate tab

Now you have the option of responding by either searching and sharing an article from the knowledge base (or) sending an Article search app widget in which the customers themselves can search for the articles from the knowledge base.

Article search app widget

When you click on the Document360 icon a small search window appears. Without typing anything in the search bar, click on the Add search widget button.

7 Screenshot - Intercom chat response window- Find answer yourself

Now on the customer side, a search widget would appear in the chat window. Using this customer can type in the search terms and find articles from the knowledge base.

9 Screenshot - Intercom chat response window- Find answer yourself Customer side

Pro tip

The Article search app widget can be enabled by default along with the greeting message when the website user clicks on the chat icon. This way the user can search for and find answers in articles without having to start a conversation with the support agent.

Removing Intercom messenger from website

Removing an integrated Intercom messenger from your website is a much simpler process compared to setting it up.

  1. Go to the Document360 dashboard
  2. Click on Settings and select the Integration option
  3. Select the Internal integration tab
  4. You’d find all the configured integrations

5 Screenshot - Document360 removing intercom integration

  1. Select Intercom and you would find the delete (Trash) icon adjacent to the edit button
  2. Once you click the icon, you would get the Delete confirmation prompt, click Delete again
  3. The Intercom messenger would be removed from your website
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