Document360 Knowledge base can be integrated with Freshdesk as an extension. Now, your support agents can seamlessly carry out customer engagement and ticket conversations by using support articles from your knowledge base without jumping between different tabs on your browser.

Also, your support agents can create articles on the Document360 knowledge base from the Freshdesk environment. Below is a how-to guide on configuring Document360 with your Freshdesk.

Basic setup guide

  1. Go to Settings → Knowledge base portal → Extensions
  2. You can find the Freshdesk under the Helpdesk section
  3. Click "Connect" on the tile to generate an API token
  4. Copy the generated API token


  1. If you wish to regenerate a token, click "Refresh token."


  1. Navigate to the Freshdesk website and login to your helpdesk
  2. Go to Admin, and in the Helpdesk Productivity section, select the Apps option
  3. Now, in the Apps marketplace, click on Get more Apps to browse through the available apps
  4. In the App Marketplace search bar, type in Document360 app and hit search

You can add multiple API keys from different Document360 knowledge bases. Click on the Add key button and, using a similar flow, copy and paste the API key in the field and click on Install.

Multi-product support

Let's say your company offers more than one product, and you maintain different Document360-powered knowledge bases for each product. It could get clumsy using various Freshdesk portals for each product.

Addressing this issue, Freshdesk offers Multi-product support, a feature that allows for handling the customer support activities of different products on a single Freshdesk portal account. The agent interface will remain the same for these products unless segregated by automation rules; agents can see tickets from all products in their ticket view.

Refer to the Multi-product setup guide to seamlessly integrate your multiple Document360 platforms with your Freshdesk portal.

Feature highlights

1. Search for and share articles

Once the API key has been validated by Freshdesk, your Document360 knowledge base is now successfully integrated with the Freshdesk environment.
Document360 comes in handy when responding to your support tickets; you can search for and share articles with your customers from your integrated knowledge base with just a few clicks. You can do all this without having to leave the Helpdesk environment.


While responding to open tickets

  1. You can find the Document360 icon along with the formatting options in the ticket response window
  2. Click on the icon, and you can access the knowledge base on a side window
  3. You would be able to select the workspace and the language of the knowledge base you want to access
  4. Now type in the search term in the search bar, and the relevant article list will be displayed below
  5. When you hover over the article with your mouse pointer, you can find two buttons, +link and +Content

+Link inserts the hyperlink of the article inside the mail response
+Content inserts the entire content of the article inside the mail response

Automated article search

Apart from the regular search, to make things convenient, Freshdesk will automatically search the knowledge base using the ticket title and return matching articles under Recommended articles as soon as you click on the Document360 icon.

2. Create articles for knowledge base from Freshdesk

Did you not find the support article you’re looking for (or) feel the need to add a new article to the knowledge base?
You can now create articles for your knowledge base from the Freshdesk environment.


  1. Click on the Document360 icon in the ticket response window
  2. A side window with knowledge base access would be displayed
  3. Now select the workspace and language in which you would like to create an article for
  4. Select the +Create New Article option at the top of the window
  5. Use the Markdown editor to create the article
  6. Add the title of the article and select the category for the article

You cannot create a new category from Freshdesk. You can only add articles to any existing categories.


  1. Article body editor
    -Basic text formatting: Headings- H2 and H3, Bold, Italics, Ordered List, and Unordered List
    -Insert: Code block, Hyperlink, Image
    -Toggle between editor and display view
  2. Once you have added the content for the article, click on the Create button