Readability score parameter is available under the Readability metrics in the Health check metrics. It calculates how easy it is to read and understand article content. It is indicated by a score out of 100. The higher score indicates that the article content is more readable.

For example, If the score is between 80-100, the article is straightforward to read, and the reader would find it easy to understand. If the score is between 60-80, the article can be understood by the reader quite easily. If the score is below 60, the article is complex, and the reader would find it hard to understand.

Users can use this score to identify the article's readability quickly. It helps you to understand the reader's pain point without any input from the readers.

How to check the readability score?


  1. Go to the desired article in the Documentation editor
  2. Click More > Health check metrics at the top-right
  3. Insights of your article's health check metrics appear. It has two major sections:
    • SEO metrics
    • Readability metrics
  4. Expand Readability metrics, and you can find the Readability score
    • If the readability score is below 30, it appears under Problems
    • If the readability score is between 30-59, it appears under Suggestions
    • If the readability score is more than 59, it appears under Good work


If you update the article content with the 'Health check metrics blade' open, click Check now to view the insights of the latest changes.

Score classification

In the below table, you can find the readability score and its respective messages. These messages appear next to the readability score.

Readability score Message
90-100 Very easy to read
80-89 Easy to read
70-79 Fairly easy to read
60-69 Easily understood
30-59 Fairly difficult to read
0-29 Hard

For example,
If the readability score is 84, then the Easy to read message appears.
If the readability score is 35, then the Fairly difficult to read message appears.