Article analytics in Document360 is an internal article-level feature, unlike the standard Analytics that provides an overall insight into your Knowledge base site. Article analytics display more discrete levels of analytical data, like an individual article's likes, reads, views, dislikes, and link status.

Accessing "Article analytics"

  1. From the desired editor, navigate to top-right and click more (•••) option > Analytics.

  2. The article-level performance analytics with discrete levels of insights on Reads, Views, Likes, Dislikes, and Links status of an individual article is available.

Reads: Calculated considering scrolling, clicking, and time spent on the page.

Read count is recorded once per day, while time spent may vary. (Multiple clicks on the same article are counted as one view, but the time spent may differ.

Views: Indicates the number of clicks, counted once per browser.
Likes: The total number of likes received.
Dislikes: The total number of dislikes received.

All these metrics are calculated from the time the article is created.

  1. Click the Go to Analytics option to navigate to the project analytics page.


For example, if you want to view the status of the links in the article and validate the links, click the Validate now button, and the links will be validated within seconds.

How do you validate links from article analytics?

From the status of the link, you can identify working and broken links. If you find a broken link, copy it, set a redirection rule, or change the correct link. Click on the "Validate now" to run an article-level link validation.