Article analytics
  • 29 Aug 2022
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Article analytics

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Article Summary

Article analytics in Document360 is an internal article-level feature, unlike the standard Analytics that provides an overall insight of your Knowledgebase site. Article analytics display more discrete levels of analytical data like the likes, reads, views, dislikes, and link status of an individual article.

Article feedback

The article feedback section has been removed from the Article analytics and Category analytics blade. You can use the Feedback manager to manage feedback effectively. Now you can respond within the same window where you access the feedback. For more information, visit Feedback manager article.

How to access article analytics in Document360?

Follow the below steps to access article analytics in Document360

  1. In the documentation editor, click on any article or category page

  2. On the right, you can find the vertical menu bar with Article settings, View history, Discussion, and View analytics

  3. Click on the View analytics icon, and the Article analytics blade appears with discrete levels of analytical insights on Likes, Reads, Views, Dislikes, and Links status of an individual article.

  4. Click on the Links status dropdown to expand the section and see in-depth details

  5. You can also click the View more to view the project-level analytics]

For example, if you want to view the status of the links present in the article and want to validate the links, click the Validate now button, and the links will be validated within seconds.

How to validate links from Article analytics?

From the links status, you can identify working and broken links. If you found a broken link you can copy the link and set a redirection rule to it or change the correct link.

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