Feedback analytics track total comments, likes, and dislikes for each article/page category. You can find the analytical representation of the feedback data in charts and graphs.

Accessing Feedback analytics


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, navigate to AnalyticsFeedback and the overview page appears
  2. If you have multiple workspaces, select the desired one using the dropdown at the top of the screen
  3. If you have a multi-lingual knowledge base, select the desired language using the language dropdown at the top of the screen


  1. You can filter the feedback with Application and Date
    • Filter by Application:
      • Click the Application dropdown to choose the desired Application (Knowledge base or Knowledge base widget)
      • The feedback in the chosen application appears
    • Filter by Date:
      • Select the date range dropdown next to the Application dropdown
      • You can choose from predefined intervals such as 7 days, last month, or Custom date
      • The date range appears next to the dropdown. Click on the date range to select the custom date range

        For example, you want to view the feedback analytics of the last 14 days. Click on the date range and select the desired date range. The feedback analytics data for the desired date range appears

Custom date range

The date range for filtering data starts from July 8, 2023.

Depending on your plan, the available date range options vary:

  • For Business and Professional plans, users can select a date range of up to 3 months
  • For Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans, users can select a date range of up to 12 months

Feedback analytics data can take up to 15 minutes to reflect in the portal.

  1. The following elements and information is available

Feedback analysis

  • Total article: The total number of articles that received some feedback (Like, dislike, or comment) from the reader
  • Total feedback: The total number of comments logged
  • Total likes: The upvotes received from readers in the selected time frame
  • Total dislikes: The downvotes received from readers in the selected time frame


The graphical representation of the same data is displayed. To view individual data, you can click on the keys (All, Articles, Feedback, Likes, Dislikes).

Feedback metrics

This section shows the graphical representation of the dislike responses received from readers. Below the article, the readers choose the type of response for providing the dislike. The dislike responses are

  • Need more information
  • Difficult to understand
  • Innacurate or irrelevant content
  • Missing or broken link
  • Others


Custom feedback messages

The dislike responses mentioned above are the default system responses. You can change the response by visiting the "Localization variables" page (Settings -> Knowledge base portal -> Localization & Workspaces -> Localization variables)

Here, you can view the total number of times each dislike response was selected.

Feedback list

Here, the list of articles, along with the feedback information, is displayed. The information available in this section are

  • Article name
  • Proportion (Likes vs. Dislikes out of 100)
  • The total article views in the selected time frame
  • Likes received
  • Dislikes received
  • Feedback or comments received


The actions you can perform from this section are

  • View in Knowledge base: Available next to the article name when you hover your pointer over it. Click on this, and the article opens in the Knowledge base site in a new browser tab
  • View feedback: Appears at the end of the row when you hover your pointer over the article. Clicking "View feedback" redirects you to the "Feedback manager."
  • Filter: You can filter the list to choose only articles, page categories, or both
  • Export CSV: Click on the "Export CSV" to generate a Comma-separated values file (.csv). You can download the generated file by clicking the "Download" icon next to the "Export CSV" button. When you hover your pointer over the download icon, the last export date and time is visible