The Team accounts overview page lets you view the type of account assigned to each team member, what articles/category pages each team member creates/views, and their contributions and last logged-in information. The individual contributions and article performance data are listed when you click on a team account from the list.

Team accounts overview page


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, navigate to AnalyticsTeam accounts and the Team accounts overview page appears
    The following information is displayed.
  • Total Team accounts - Number of team accounts in the project
  • Total readers - Number of readers in the project (For Private and Mixed access)
  • Top performers - The profile images of top-performing team accounts are available here. The performers are equated with the article performance metrics such as Views and Reads
  1. Choose the desired project workspace and language using the dropdown at the top
  2. Choose the date range. You can choose from predefined intervals such as Last 7 days, Last month, or Custom date

For example, you want to view the Team account analytics data of the last 14 days. Click on the custom date and select the desired date range.

Custom date range

The date range for filtering data starts from July 8, 2023.

Depending on your plan, the available date range options vary:

  • For Business and Professional plans, users can select a date range of up to 3 months
  • For Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans, users can select a date range of up to 12 months

Team accounts list

All the Team accounts in the project are listed with the following information.

  • Name and profile picture - The profile picture, name of the Team account, and the type of account (Normal or SSO) is available here
  • Email - The email associated with the Team account
  • Portal role - The portal role assigned to the Team account (Owner, Contributor, Admin, and more)
  • Contributed - The total number of articles contributed in the selected time frame
  • Last contributed - The last contribution by the team account in the Knowledge base

The columns can be sorted in ascending/descending order by clicking on each column heading, and you can notice an upward arrow (or) downward arrow representing the active sorted column.

Export CSV


Team account analytics can be downloaded as a CSV file.

  1. Click Export CSV at the top of the Team account list
  2. Wait for a few seconds
  3. Once the file is ready, a "Download" icon appears next to the "Export CSV" button
  4. When you hover the pointer on the "Download" icon, the last export date and time are displayed
  5. Click on the "Download" icon, and the file is saved to your local device storage
  6. Click the Download icon at the top right to download the last set of files exported

Team account individual contributions


Click a team account to view more detailed information about their usage, such as:

  • Profile information - Team account name, Image, Email, Portal role, and Last login date
  • Contribution performance - Total views, Total reads, Total likes, and Total dislikes
  • Article list - Article name, Views, Reads, Likes, Dislikes, Created on, and Last updated.

The filter option is at the top with Article type (All, Page, or Article) and Date (7 days, last month, and Custom date).