Workflow assignment
  • 27 Sep 2022
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Workflow assignment

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Article Summary

The Workflow assignments page shows the different phases of the documentation cycle designed using the Workflow designer.

The Workflow assignments overview page can be accessed right from the Documentation editor page. Click on the Workflow assignments option above the category manager on the left.


Workflow assignments overview page

This Workflow assignment overview page gives a bird’s eye view of the articles/category pages available on the selected version and language of the knowledge base project. The articles that assigned information to the team account’s profile are available.


Team accounts can view the number of articles/ category pages in each workflow status at any given point in time. Here is the information provided for the articles in the list overview


a. Title

The title of the article (not clickable), current status tag (For ex. In review), article revision (For example, v10, v11), open in editor icon, and the category or sub-category in which the article is present.

b. Due date

The number of days for the set due date (For example, Due in 4 days or Overdue 8 months ago). If no date has been set or for the articles in Published status, a hyphen (-) would be displayed.

For all the instances where the article’s due date isn’t assigned for a particular status, but the date has been assigned for other statuses, the No due date set text is displayed.

c. Assignee

The Assignee column contains information about the team account assigned to the particular article and its status. The profile image of the assignee account is displayed, and when you hover the mouse pointer over the image, the team account name is displayed.

If the particular article has multiple statuses and team accounts assigned to each of the statuses, an (i) info icon is available next to the profile image. When users click the icon, the different statuses and profiles assigned to each status are displayed.

d. Date

If the article is in a published state, the Published DD MMM, YYYY is displayed. If the article’s current status is in any other status, then Last modified DD MMM, YYYY is displayed.

Managing the Workflow status

Users can manage the workflow status on the Documentation editor using the workflow controls available at the top-right, next to the Publish/Edit button.

To know more on how to effectively manage the workflow statuses, Read this article.

Workflow assignment page elements


1. Assigned to me

All the article/category page(s) are assigned to the team account either by other team accounts or themselves. When the Assigned to me option on the left panel is clicked on the overview page, it would display the list of articles that have a dependency on the team account.

Currently, only one team account can be assigned to a particular status on any article or category page.


The article displayed can also have multiple status dependencies. A team account can be assigned the various levels of workflow for a single article.

For example, The user is assigned the ‘Draft’ and ‘Publish’ for the same article.

2. Overdue

As the name implies, Overdue articles are the ones that are assigned to the respective team account and the set due date has lapsed.

3. Workflow status

The list of statuses added using the Workflow designer (Content tools → Workflow designer) would be listed here. This section provides a detailed count of all the articles/category pages and their status (For ex. Draft, In review, published, etc.) at that moment. Click on any one of the statuses and the article list is filtered to that status.

Filter options

By default, when the team account accesses the Workflow assignment page, the All documents would be available (meaning no filter or sorting applied).
Users can observe a Filter by bar above the article list.


  • Date - Select any custom date ranging from the present day to any date in the future. Team accounts can filter all the article(s).category page(s) in the overdue state by just turning on the Overdue toggle.

  • Workflow status - Select any one of the statuses or choose the --None--

  • Assignee - Select one or multiple team accounts from the assignee list. If all the assignees need to be selected, then turn on the Select all toggle.


Unable to assign articles in workflow flow

You can perform this when you are unable to assign articles to your team accounts.


  1. Check your content role permissions related to the Workflow
    a. Click Profile image at the bottom left → View access permissionsContent role. Expand the Content tools section
    b. Under Workflow, ensure that you have the below permissions:

    • Update workflow status - When you have this permission, you can update the workflow status for articles and categories, and set due dates
    • Manage workflow status assignee - When you have this permission, you can update the workflow assignee for articles and categories

    c. If you don't have the above permissions, contact your project owner

  2. For the project owner
    To update the content role of a team account:
    a. Go to SettingsUsers & SecurityTeam accounts & groupsTeam account
    b. Hover the mouse pointer over the desired team account, and the Edit (pencil) icon appears on the right
    c. Click EditManage content roles & permissions, and the Content access blade appears
    d. Update the content access
    e. Click Save


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