Change password
  • 13 Oct 2022
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Change password

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Article Summary

You can change the password to access your Document360 account anytime and any number of times.

The password change is for your entire account and not project-specific.


  1. From the Knowledge base portal or Dashboard, click on the profile image on the bottom left
  2. Select the Change password option, and the blade appears on the right


  1. Type in your current password
  2. In the next field, type in the new password and in the following field, repeat the same password to reconfirm

New password requirements

  • Should be at least 8 characters long
  • At least 1 UPPERCASE letter
  • At least 1 lowercase letter
  • At least 1 number
  • At least 1 special character
  1. Click on the Update button, and the new password is updated

Best practices

Password Dos and Don'ts

Here are a few pro-tips for creating a strong and secure password.


  • Do create a unique password that uses a combination of numbers, words, symbols, and both UPPER and lower-case letters.

For example, En37df_n4r-hufling


  • Don't use easily guessed passwords, such as "password" or "user."

  • Don't choose passwords based upon details that may not be as confidential as you'd expect, such as your birth date, your Social Security or phone number, or the names of family members.

  • Don't use words that can be found in the dictionary. Password-cracking tools freely available online often come with dictionary lists that will try thousands of familiar names and passwords.
    If you must use dictionary words, try adding a number to them, as well as special characters.

  • Don't use simple adjacent keyboard combinations:

For example, "qwerty" and "asdzxc" and "123456" are horrible passwords and are trivial to crack.

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