The Knowledge base widget must be installed into your application or website before users can interact with it.


  1. Go to Settings → Knowledge base widget
Existing widget

If you want to install an existing widget, skip steps 2 to 6. Hover over the desired widget and click the Copy script icon on the right. The code snippet is copied.

  1. Click New knowledge base widget
  2. Type a title and click Save


  1. In the Installation & setup tab, expand the Widget JavaScript
  2. You can find the Widget key and the JavaScript code
  3. Click the Copy button, and the code snippet is copied


If you have not installed this Knowledge base widget, you can find the following message: "Installation
Widget JavaScript code is not installed anywhere."
You can also view the domains the widget is available on the "Installed domains" dropdown.

  1. Navigate to Settings → Knowledge base site → Integrations
  2. Click New Integration and select Custom HTML
  3. Select the End body and paste the copied code snippet into the code window
  4. Ensure that the STATUS toggle is enabled and click Add
  5. The Knowledge base widget is installed successfully in the Documentation site
  6. Use the other options in the Knowledge base widget settings to style and configure your widget

The autosave option is available for navigation between the Knowledge base widget tabs.

Can I configure multiple Knowledge base widgets in a domain/website?

You can configure multiple Knowledge base widgets in a domain/website. However, the configured widgets will not work as expected. Configuring only one Knowledge base widget in a domain/website is recommended.