What is a 'Feedback portal'?

The 'Feedback portal' is a space where Document360 customers can submit requests for new product features, enhancements, and report bugs to the Document360 team. Customers can also get a sneak peek at the latest features in development or pipeline for the future.

Only Document360 authenticated users can access the feedback portal.

Accessing the 'Feedback portal'


  1. From the Dashboard or Knowledge base portal, click on the Help icon found at the top of the screen
  2. Select the Feedback option
  3. The feedback portal website opens in the new tab, and you are logged in automatically
  4. You can find the Give feedback section and the Roadmap section


  1. Go to feedback portal and click Login in (or) Log in/Sign up button



Select the desired data center.

  1. Type in the Document360 credentials and click Login
    Click SSO and access with SSO credentials
  2. Now, you can create desired posts in the feedback portal

Submitting a feature request or bug

  1. Navigate to the feedback portal
  2. Click on the Feature request or Bugs, and a Create a post section appears
  3. Select the relevant category for your post from the dropdown
  4. Type in the title and description for the post
  5. Add images by clicking on the 'image' icon on the left-bottom of the section
  6. Click on the Create post once done


The created post would be added to the list on the right. This space would be accessible to all customers so that the post would be a public entry. Other customers can upvote/comment on your post, and you can do the same to other posts.