Troubleshooting - Managing content
  • 27 Sep 2022
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Troubleshooting - Managing content

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1. PDF preview grayed out

PDF preview of files might be grayed out in some articles. This issue can be observed in the Chrome browser when the width of the PDF is higher than 700.


Change the width of the PDF to less than or equal to 700

  • Markdown - In the editor, change the width of the respective PDF file in the Markdown syntax


    • In the editor, click Code view and find the width of the respective PDF file
    • Update the width. Press 'Ctrl/Cmd + S'

The issue would be resolved.

2. I am getting the error - The given source is already part of an existing destination

The source URL of a redirect rule cannot be a destination URL of any redirect rule. Cyclic redirection is currently not applicable in Document360.


To overcome this error, update the current destination URL with a new destination URL.
For example, the current redirect rule has the source path as slug-A and the destination path as slug-B. You want to redirect slug-B to slug-C.

  1. Replace the current destination URL as slug-C. So the current redirect rule would have the source path as slug-A and the destination path as slug-C
  2. Create a new direct rule with the source path as slug-B and destination path as slug-C
  3. Now, both slug-A and slug-B are redirected to slug-C. The issue is resolved

3. 404 error appears for folder category redirection

When you add a redirect rule with folder category slug as the destination path, the redirect rule would be added successfully. But when you try to hit the article URL, it would result in a 404 page. This is because the folder type category does not have a valid slug to preview.


Change the category type to Index.

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over the desired category in the category manager
  2. You can find the ••• (More) option adjacent to the category name
  3. Click ••• (More) → Change category type
  4. Select the Index category type and click Update

4. Discussion icon is disabled

When you don't have permission to view Discussion, it'd be grayed out and cannot be accessed. To confirm this:

  1. Click Profile image at the bottom left → View access permissionsContent role. Expand the Categories & Articles section
  2. Under Article, check whether Post comments in discussion permission is available
  3. If you don't have this permission, contact your project owner


For project owner:
To update the content role of a team account:

  1. Go to SettingsUsers & SecurityTeam accounts & groupsTeam account
  2. Hover the mouse pointer over the desired team account, and the Edit (pencil) icon appears on the right
  3. Click EditManage content roles & permissions, and the Content access blade appears
  4. Update the content access
  5. Click Save

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