You can create new articles inside the already created category or subcategory. Suppose you have a blank Knowledge base, then first add a category before you can add an Article.

There are four methods to access the Create new article module.

Using the "+" icon in the Category manager

By hovering over an open category or below a closed category, clicking the purple + icon, and selecting New article

Using the "More" option next to the category name

By clicking on the More icon (•••) next to a category name and selecting New article.

Inside an empty category

If the category is empty, click on the Add dropdown at the center of the page and select Add article

Using the "More" option in the Editor mode

Select the category(Folder/Index/Page), click the ••• More options at the top-right, and select Add article.

Article title

The character limit for the article title is 150, including spaces.

Blank article

In the Create new article module, type in the title, choose the article location, and click the Create button.

Article name

It would help if you named the Article before you can start writing. The article name would be considered for the article slug, which you can change at a later point in time

For example, If the article title is 'Installation support V10.83364', then the article slug would be '/Installation-support-V1083364/'

Your article will be added to the respective Category/{{glossary.Subcategory}} with a new {{glossary.Article status Indicator}} (light-blue dot) to show that it has not been published.

Saving an article

Document360 automatically saves your documentation content at regular intervals. You can save your work using the standard keyboard save command Ctrl+S.

You can also view the information of your most recent saved draft of the article by clicking on the cloud icon next to the article title at the top.