When you want to perform a specific action (publish, hide, delete, change status, and more) on many articles, visiting each article can be time-consuming. We recommend using the All articles feature page in such cases.

For example, you want to publish ten articles from different categories as your release documentation in one go at the time of the product release.
In that case, you can choose the articles in the All articles page and perform a bulk publish action.

Accessing the 'All articles' overview page


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to Documentation and click on the All articles at the top-left of the page
  2. The 'All articles' overview page appears
  3. Navigate to the different workspaces and languages available in your project using the respective drop-down at the top
  4. Narrow down the articles with available filter options
  5. Select the desired articles, and you can perform the bulk operation actions:


* View in KB (visible when published articles are selected)
* Copy link (visible when one published/unpublished article is selected)
* Publish (visible when unpublished articles are selected)
* Show
* Hide
* Move to
* Delete
* Review reminder
* Mark reviewed (visible when articles with 'Needs review' is selected)
* Status indicator
* Create tags
* Download as PDF (visible when published articles are selected)
* Deprecate
* Machine translate (visible when non-default unpublished articles or articles with 'Need translation' status are selected)
* Mark translated (visible when articles with 'Needs translation' are selected)
* Needs translation (visible when you select articles from non-default languages)

  1. You can also export the data from the 'All articles' overview page using the Export option available

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the function of the "All articles" feature?

The "All articles" feature in Document360 enables users to perform bulk operations on multiple articles in the knowledge base simultaneously. This includes publishing, hiding, deleting, and changing the status of articles and other article management actions.

2. Can I publish multiple articles at once?

Yes, to publish multiple articles simultaneously using the "All articles" feature, navigate to the "All articles" page, select the desired articles, and then choose the "Publish" option. This feature eliminates the need to publish each article individually.

3. Can I hide multiple articles at once?

Absolutely, the "All articles" feature allows you to hide several articles in one go. Select the articles you want to hide and use the "Hide" option to make them inaccessible to readers. The hidden articles are visible to team accounts in the portal and can be unhidden anytime.

4. How do the "All articles" feature enhance article management efficiency?

The "All articles" feature enhances efficiency by simultaneously enabling bulk actions such as deletion, status change, and more on multiple articles. This streamlines tasks, saving time and effort compared to performing these actions on individual articles.

5. Can I reuse custom filters to narrow down results?

Yes, the "All articles" feature in Document360 is designed to adapt to your needs. It offers a versatile approach, allowing you to set up custom filters and reuse them in the future.