• 10 Mar 2022
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VWO experience Optimization Platform is an all-in-one platform that helps with business metrics. It empowers you to discover insights, test ideas, and improve engagement across the entire customer journey.

The features offered by VWO are

  • Test product features
  • Extracting user intention details
  • Push notifications
  • Creation and optimization of product roadmaps.

Document360 allows seamless integration with VWO.

Document360 +VWO

You need to follow these simple steps to integrate VWO with Document360.


  1. From the Document360 portal, go to Settings→ Knowledge base site→ Integrations
  2. Click the Add new integration button at the top right, and this opens an Integration setup panel
  3. Select VWO from the list of integrations available in the blade window


  1. Add a Description and enter the VWO Account ID
What is VWO Account ID?

VWO Account ID is a code you get from the VWO application for Document360+VWO Integration in the Document360 Knowledge base portal.

  1. Enable the Status toggle bar and Click Add button at the bottom

If required, you can add advanced insertion rules to your VWO integration using the advanced insertion rules option in the integration panel.

How to get the VWO Account ID

If you are a new customer:

1 . Register an account in VWO and sign in
2 . On Account setup, you will be auto-directed to the install code section (you can copy the snippet and paste it into an external text editor)
3. Copy the var account_id from the snippet you copied to your external editor


If you are an existing customer:

You will get your VWO Account ID from the VWO dashboard if you are an existing customer in VWO.


Once you complete the VWO integration in your Document360 knowledge base, you can open your VWO account interface to manage web optimization and run test experiments.

Why should you integrate VWO?

You can integrate VWO to get an intuitive point-and-click visual editor for conducting website A/B testing. You also can test different variations of the homepage on a small sample of visitors.

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