Widgets block
  • 23 May 2023
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Widgets block

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Article Summary

widgets are the embedded blocks on the platform that serve a specific purpose. Now you can add widgets on your Home page below the header section.

Currently, we offer widgets to display five different components.

  • Most viewed articles

    Views are quantified when a reader accesses the Article.

  • Most liked articles

    Likes are quantified when a reader hits the 'Thumbs up' icon at the end of each article on the Knowledge base site.

  • Most read articles

    Reads are quantified when a Reader:

    • Scrolls more than half of the article,
    • Spends more than one minute on the article, or
    • Clicks a hyperlink mentioned in the article
  • Recently modified articles

    The published articles that have been forked, updated and republished.

  • Recently created articles

    The new articles that have been published for the first time.

For example, This is how the widget block looks like on the home page when you add Most viewed articles and Most read articles

Adding widget(s) on Home page


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to DocumentationHome page builder and the Home page builder page appears
  2. In the home page builder, click on the + (Add a new block) icon on the right in-between the body blocks (or below the header section)
  3. Select the widgets option; a widgets block is added with an Insert widgets dropdown button
  4. Click on the Insert widgets and select from the five widget options available

For example, Most liked articles display the top liked articles from the specific version and language.

Only the articles that you have access to appear in this block.

  1. You can add all five widgets in the same block
  2. Also, you can choose to have multiple widget blocks on your home page
  3. Once you're done, click Save on the top right
  4. You can get a preview of your added widgets on the homepage by clicking the Preview option at the top

Removing widget(s) or widget block on the Home page


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to DocumentationHome page builder and the Home page builder page appears
  2. Scroll through the body block to find the widgets block
  3. Now, you can either choose to remove individual widgets in the widget block (or) remove the entire block with all the widgets from the home page
  4. For individual widgets, hover your mouse pointer over the widget and click on the Remove widget (trash bin) icon. The delete confirmation message is not displayed for this action
  5. To remove the entire widget block with all the widget(s), click on the Remove section (trash bin) icon on the right. Then, click on Yes in the Delete confirmation prompt
  6. Click Save on the top right

Available options


a. Remove section: To delete the block
b. Insert widgets: To insert a selected list of articles. When you click on this field, a dropdown menu shows a list of selected articles. You can only choose the articles available in the list
c. Drag: Click and drag this icon to relocate the widget
d. Title: To edit the title of the widget
e. Remove widget: To delete the widget. When you hover over the top right corner of any widget, you can see this icon

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