PDF content templates
  • 09 Jul 2022
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PDF content templates

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Article Summary

Create a custom PDF content template (the content you want in your PDF), and add PDF attributes like the File name and Design template. The exported PDF can also be password protected if the user chooses to add a level of access security.

Accessing the Content templates overview

Go to Content tools → Import & Export → Export to PDF, and the Content templates tab is the default selection.


The PDF content template includes only published articles and category pages. All the hidden articles/categories are not available.

Content template actions

The user can perform the following actions on the content template overview page.


To access these options (except the Download button), hover the mouse pointer over any previously added content templates from the list.


a. Download

Users can click on this button to Download previously exported content from the knowledge base in the selected content template. Unlike the other buttons in this section, this Download button is visible and can be accessed without the mouse pointer hovering.


Why is the download button inactive?


The Download button is inactive if the user has not performed Export using the content template. Click on the Export button in the template action to enable the Download button. The green tick on the left indicates that the exported document has been downloaded at least once.

b. Export


Users can click on the Export button to perform export using the content template. Clicking on this option exports the latest content available to the PDF.


The Export again button appears after the first export action. This refers to previously exported content being overwritten with the latest export on the Content template.

Export content size limit

The export content size limit is 15 MB.


An '✖' (Cancel) icon appears next to the progress bar during the export process.
If you want to cancel the export process, click the '✖' Cancel icon, and a '🚫' Last export canceled icon appears next to the last modified date.

Cancel and Delete

Cancel allows you to cancel the ongoing export process.
Delete allows you to delete the content template.

c. Clone


Users can click on the Clone button to create a duplicate of the content template with all the attributes similar to the original template. Users can make changes in the cloned template before saving by using the Save or the Save & Export button.

d. Edit


Users can click on the Edit button to make any changes to the attributes of the content template. Click on the Save or Save & Export to apply the changes.

e. Delete

  • 8_Screenshot-Export_content_template_actions_delete

Users can use the Delete button to remove the content template from the template library. This action cannot be reversed.

Adding a new content template

In the Content templates overview page, click on the New content template button at the top-right.

Add the following settings to the new content template:


1. PDF file name

Type in a name for the new content template

  • PDF file name must contain only letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens. Spaces are not allowed
  • PDF file name cannot be more than 50 characters in length

2. Design template

Click on the dropdown to select from any previously added design templates. If no design template has been added, the Default Document360 design template is chosen.

The design template is used to style the PDF content template. Users can configure the visual aspects like cover page, table of content, watermark, layout, header & footer, and font settings.
Click on the Design template tab to add and manage PDF design templates.

3. Password (optional)

Creating a password for the PDF, you export from Document360 makes sure the access to any confidential information of the document is controlled.

The set password is required in the PDF viewer applications to open the exported PDF file.

For example. hjfwy27h62_ee_vegyyyya

Pro-tip to create a strong password

  • Add a mix of letters (both upper and lower case) and numbers
  • Increase the character length of the password
  • The addition of symbols can also increase the password strength
  • When you enter passwords, avoid using personal information or common words found in a dictionary that can be guessed more easily.

4. Content filter

Users can choose sections from the content in the knowledge base project based on the project version, language, categories, and articles.


a. Project version

Click on the dropdown to view all the version(s) available in the project. Select any one of the versions to add to the content template.

You cannot select multiple versions to export.

b. Language

Click on the dropdown to view all the language(s) available in the selected version. Select any one of the languages to add to the content template.

You cannot select multiple languages to export.

c. Categories & articles (optional)

Click on this option. A blade appears on the right with the tree-view structure of all the categories and articles available in the selected project version and language.


The item with a folder icon on the left indicates that the item is either a category, sub-category, or category page. The items without the folder icon are the articles.

Only published articles and category pages are available to add to the content template.

Click on the individual items to select or click on the category, and all the articles/sub-categories are bulk selected.

Users can also use the Select all toggle at the top to choose all the categories and articles in the selected version and language.

This setting is optional. At the time of Save/Save & export, if this option is not engaged, the default selection of All content is considered.

Save/Save & Export

Once all the setting selection is complete, users can choose the Save or the Save & Export button at the bottom.


  • Save - Saves the content template to the existing content template list. Users can use this template in the future when they require the configured export setting.
  • Save & Export - Saves the template and simultaneously initiates the export action using the content template.

Can I export an unpublished article?

No, you can export only the new articles or articles you have forked for edit.


  1. From the knowledge base portal, navigate to the unpublished article which you want to export
  2. Click the ••• More icon next to the Publish button → View preview, and a preview of the article appears in a new tab window


  1. Click on PDF next to the Dark option on the top of the article.
  2. The article is exported as a PDF document to your local storage
Design template

The default design template is configured for this type of export.

Check out the below tutorial video:

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