• 02 Jan 2023
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Amplitude is a product analytical tool for analyzing product usage data. It also helps the product and marketing team draw out user behavioural data and reports in a product to tweak it.

Some key features of Amplitude are

  • Real-time user analytics like retention, funnels, revenue analysis, and flexible user segmentation.

  • Help analyze user behaviour using their key feature called 'microscope'.

Document360 has an in-built Analytics tool that monitors all the analytics data in the knowledge base project. Document360 supports a plethora of third party integration. Amplitude can be integreated into knowledge base site in few steps.

Document 360 + Amplitude

You can follow the below steps to integrate Amplitude with your Document360 knowledge base.

  1. From the Document360 portal, go to SettingsKnowledge base siteIntegrations

  2. Click the New integration button at the top right

  3. Select Amplitude from the list of integrations available in the Integration panel

  4. You can either configure with Basic configuration or Custom configuration

    • Basic configuration - Configure a standard integration of Amplitude with your Knowledge base.

    To configure with Basic configuration:
    a. Type a Description
    b. Type the Amplitude API Key

    What is Amplitude API Key?

    Amplitude API Key is a code that you can get from the Amplitude application, and you use them for Document360+Amplitude Integration in the Document360 Knowledge base portal.

    • Custom configuration - Configure an advanced integration of Amplitude with your Knowledge base by adding custom events in snippet code.

    To configure with Custom configuration:
    a. Type a Description
    b. Type the desired snippet code

  5. If required, you can restrict or enable the Amplitude to the users with the Advanced insertion rules option

  6. Ensure that the Status toggle is enabled

  7. Click the Add button

How to get Amplitude App Key

a. If you are an existing customer in Amplitude:

Open your Amplitude DashboardSetup Data Source (in the left sidebar in Amplitude) → HTTP API(under setup data source) → api_key (under Install the SDK setup )

b. If you are new to Amplitude:

a. Register an account in Amplitude
b. You will get the Amplitude API Key in your initial Amplitude Account setup


Now you can navigate back to the Amplitude dashboard to view analytical reports of your project(site). You can track and view all your knowledge base site Analytics and user behaviour from here.

Why should you integrate Amplitude?

You can integrate Amplitude to track visitors based on collaborative analytics that helps you fine-tune your product with pre-eminent product analytics reports.

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