The Mixpanel is an event-centric analytic tool that uses events for tracking, unlike automatically tracking data.

It can track events like

  • Conversion from the static/dynamic(feature page) page.
  • The dropping rate in the sales funnel.
  • Referral sites with good ROI.

Mixpanel is one among the plethora of third-party integrations supported by Document360.

How will you integrate Document360 and Mipanel?

  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to Settings > Knowledge base site > Integrations.

  2. Select Mixpanel from the list of integrations and click Add.

  3. The Add new integration panel will appear.

  4. You can either configure with a Basic configuration or Custom configuration.

Basic configuration: Configure a standard integration of Mixpanel with your Knowledge base.

You need to provide the following details:
a. Description: Enter the desired description.
b. Mixpanel ID: Type your Mixpanel ID.

What is Mixpanel ID?
The Mixpanel ID is a unique code snippet obtained from the Mixpanel application. This ID is necessary for integrating Mixpanel and Document360 in the Knowledge Base portal.

Custom configuration: Configure an advanced integration of Mixpanel with your Knowledge base by adding custom events in snippet code.

To configure with Custom configuration:
a. Type a Description.
b. Type the desired snippet code.

  1. If required, you can use the Code inclusion/exclusion conditions feature to insert the code based on certain conditions such as the IP address, Workspace, and Language.

  2. Once done, click Add.


How do I get Mixpanel ID?

  1. Sign in to your Mixpanel account.

  2. Click Settings ( ) and then select Set up Mixpanel.

  3. You can find the Mixpanel ID, copy it.

Why should I integrate Mixpanel?

You can choose to integrate Mixpanel, a tool that can provide event-based tracking abilities.