Here are the system and browser requirements for the Document360 Knowledge base portal to work efficiently on your device.

Speed and efficiency

You can access the Document360 Knowledge base portal and site on your web browser, even if you use earlier or less recent versions of the hardware and software mentioned below. But, advanced features in our platform might not work as fast and as efficiently.

Operating System and Hardware

Ensure your computers are installed with one of the following operating systems:

# Operating system requirements
1 Windows 7.0 or higher
2 OSX Mavericks or higher
3 Linux
4 Android 5.0 or higher
5 iOS 12.0 or higher
# Hardware requirements
1 2 core CPU or higher
2 4 GB RAM or higher

Web browser requirements

Document360 works well on the latest versions of these web browsers, as mentioned below.

# Supported web browsers Knowledge base portal Knowledge base site
1 Google Chrome version 91.0.4472 or higher Yes Yes
2 Firefox version 79.0 or higher Yes Yes
3 Safari version 13.1.2 or higher Yes Yes
4 Microsoft Edge version 88 or higher Yes Yes
5 Internet Explorer version 11 No Yes
Other web browsers

Browser features

Depending on the browser of your choice, you must ensure the following browser attribute conditions are met.

  • JavaScript must be enabled

    Limited access is provided when disabled

  • Cookies must be enabled

  • Session Storage must be enabled

  • Local Storage must be enabled

  • IndexedDB must be enabled

  • HTTPS - TLS v1.2 or higher

Can I download the Document360 desktop application?

Document360 is available only as a web application that can be accessed using web browsers on desktop/laptop devices.

Not recommended: The Knowledge base portal can be accessed on smartphones and tablets using a web-view workaround on the mobile browser.

On the other hand, the Knowledge base site can be accessed using a web browser on computers and smartphones/tablets.

Support and feedback

If you face any difficulty in working with Document360 using any of mentioned or missed requirements above, you can always write to us at