Export documentation as ZIP
  • 01 Aug 2023
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Export documentation as ZIP

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Article Summary


Importing project exported before 05 August 2023
We have enhanced the Import and Export project feature, so you might need help importing any Document360 project files exported on or before 05 August 2023.

Kindly contact the Document360 support for further assistance.

Using the Export option in Document360, team accounts can export and download the documentation as a ZIP.

The Exported Document360 ZIP file contains the following:

  • Articles and category pages
  • All files hosted in the Drive (Optional)

The exported project ZIP file can be easily imported onto another project in Document360.
Read our Import project document to know more.

Accessing the Export to ZIP option


  1. Go to Content tools → Import & Export → Import & Export
  2. Expand the Import/Export project from Document360 section
  3. Click on the Export icon
  4. An Export documentation blade appears

Export documentation

Perform these selections before proceeding

a. Workspace(s) - Click on the dropdown and select the required project workspaces. You must choose at least one workspace for the export to work. This is a mandatory selection.
b. Language - The default setting is All languages. You can also choose individual languages to export.
c. Article modified at - The default setting is None (all the articles at that current point in the documentation). You can also choose 90 days, 30 days, 7 days or custom date range.
d. Include media files - You can select this checkbox to include the media files currently hosted in the project's Drive.

Include media file checkbox is disabled

If the Drive capacity used is 1 GB or more, the option to include files in your export is disabled.

Kindly contact the Document360 support for further assistance

After you complete, click the Export documentation button at the bottom

The time taken to export may vary depending on the size of the documentation filters selected.

Downloading the exported ZIP

  1. Go to Content tools → Import & Export → Import & Export
  2. Expand the Import/Export project from Document360 section


  1. You can find two options on the right of the Export section.
    a. Download exported documentation - Click this icon to initiate the download of the export ZIP onto the device's local storage. The date of the latest export will be mentioned when the mouse pointer hovers over the icon.

For example, Download exported documentation (18-11-2021)

ZIP file
  • When you export a project, both the Markdown and WYSIWYG articles will be exported in .json format

b. Copy download link - Click this icon to copy the Download link. You can share the download link across other mediums.


Once you perform the export operation, the previously exported ZIP available for download is overwritten.

What's not included in the Exported file
  • Shared articles
  • Home page styles and configurations
  • Article templates
  • Any custom configurations in roles
  • Permissions
  • Notification channels and mapping
  • Smart bars and cookie consent
  • Variables and snippets
  • Tags
  • Redirection
  • Links
  • Ticket deflector
  • API tokens
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Workflows
  • Other settings

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