File dependency indicates the number of instances a particular file has been added/attached to articles/category pages in the knowledge base.

Team accounts can now view the information about individual file dependencies on the Drive. This feature comes in quite handy when deciding on file deletions.

Accessing the file dependency viewer

  1. Click on the Drive icon on the left menu bar
  2. Navigate through the folders and select the intended file
  3. You can access the viewer in one of three ways in the list view:
    • Click on the ••• button next to the file and select View dependencies
    • Click on the ‘eye’ icon on the right when you hover your mouse pointer over the file
    • (or)
    • Click on the file name, and the "File detail" blade appears. Scroll to the bottom, and expand "Dependencies."
      You can access the viewer in the list and grid view by clicking on the file and selecting the Dependencies dropdown.


  1. A Dependency articles blade would open on the right with the list of dependent articles
  2. You can find the following information on the blade for each entry
    • The article contributor profile picture on the left. If you wish to view the team account name, then hover your mouse pointer over the profile picture
    • The article name and when you click over it, you are redirected to the article on the documentation editor
    • The article state (Published, New, Draft)
    • The project workspace and language


No article dependency

If the file has no dependency articles, a static screen appears with the text reading No dependency articles found.