Add a "Footer" to your Knowledge base site to add links to essential resources or information, such as pricing information, free trial sign-up, a Contact Us page, etc.

Similar to the primary and secondary navigation bar, team accounts can add up to six custom links to the footer navigation. Also, add and feature social media links to drive engagement in your social channels. Custom links will display on the left side of the footer navigation, while social media links will be on the right.

Accessing the Footer navigation settings


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, navigate to "Settings > Knowledge base site > Customize site"
  2. The page holds all the basic site design configurations
  3. From the "Customize site" page, click "Customize site" again
  4. Select "Header & Footer" from the dropdown
  5. Click the "Footer" option
  6. You have two design options for the footer
    * Basic footer
    * Custom footer


  1. If you choose "Basic footer," you can add navigation items and social media links
  2. If you choose "Custom footer," there are two predefined themes available or click on "Blank" to input your custom HTML footer


  1. You can Edit, Delete or Reorder the navigations from the left pane
  2. You can preview the changes on the right-side "Preview pane"
  3. Click on the "Save" icon to save all your recent changes
  4. Click on "Publish" to activate the changes made in the portal on the Knowledge base site