Document360's header's primary navigation is the bar next to the logo at the top. You can add menus in this space that help readers navigate to different pages from your Home page or Knowledge base site.

Accessing the Header - Primary navigation


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, navigate to "Settings > Knowledge base site > Customize site"
  2. The page holds all the basic site design configurations
  3. From the "Customize site" page, click "Customize site" again
  4. Select "Header & Footer" from the dropdown
  5. Expand the "Header" option
  6. Select "Primary navigation", and it will be highlighted


  1. You can view the available navigation links on the left
  2. Click "Add new item" to add a navigation menu either to the Left or the Right of the site header
  3. The available navigation types are
    • Home
    • Documentation
    • Custom URL
    • Call to action
    • RSS feed
    • Ticket deflector
    • Glossary
    • API documentation


"Add new item" is turned off

You will get a warning prompt stating, "You have reached the maximum count of 6. To add a new link, remove one existing link."

  1. You can Edit, Delete or Reorder the navigations from the left pane


  1. You can preview the changes on the right-side "Preview pane"
  2. Click on the "Save" icon to save all your recent changes
  3. Click on "Publish" to activate the changes made in the portal on the Knowledge base site


Knowledge base site view