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  • 15 May 2020
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Home page header

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The header section appears at the top of your home page and is the only section within the Home Page Builder that can’t be deleted or moved. It includes a title for your knowledge base, a tag line, customizable links, and a powerful search.

Styling the home page header

Document360 includes options to style the background color and text color of the home page header, as well as options to add links and a search bar. You can use custom CSS to change the title font or size.

Changing the header background-color

To change the header background color:

  1. Click Header Background.
  2. Select a preset color, gradient, or pattern, or enter a hex, RGB, or HSL color code.
  3. Exit and Save.
    header background

Changing the text color

To change the text color:

  1. Click Text Color.
  2. Pick a color from the color picker, or enter a hex, RGB, or HSL color code.
  3. Click anywhere on the screen to exit and Save.

Adding links to the header:

To add a link:

  1. Click the plus icon on the left side of the header.
  2. Select…
    • Documentation to add a link to your documentation.
    • Custom URL to add a link to another part of your site or other resources.
  3. Drag and drop added links to rearrange them in your header section.
  4. To remove a link, click the x on the top right of the link.

Hiding the search bar:

The search bar allows your end-user to quickly search your documentation to find answers about your product.

Click the toggle under the search bar to hide or show the search bar.

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