Header font style
  • 12 Jul 2023
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Header font style

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Article Summary

Header fonts are an important part of any online content, as they lead the reader with the introduction and set the tone for the rest of the content. Document360 allows users to customize their header font style using CSS Snippets. To do this, open Settings > Knowledge base site > Custom CSS and JavaScript, click on Custom CSS tab and select Heading tag font style from the Snippets window. Save it and view your changes by hovering over View site at top right.

Header fonts are the captain of the main content as it leads the reader with the introduction for the main content. They are usually large and generally considered the higher-impact text in the content.

All these paramount things make choosing the right header font style more important when taking your content online.

The header fonts are usually the <H1>, <H2> <H3>, and <H4> tags that you mostly use for your titles and headings.

What is the commonly used Header font in technical documentation?

The most common Header font for technical documentation is Sans-serif. Document360 provides this font and the freedom to customize Header fonts according to your preference.

How to change the Header font style in Document360?

Using Custom CSS

Follow the below steps to change the header font style in Document360 using CSS Snippets.

  1. In the Knowledge base portal, click SettingsKnowledge base siteCustom CSS and JavaScript
  2. You can find the Custom CSS and Custom JavaScript tabs, click the Custom CSS tab → and click the Snippets button right underneath it
  3. A blade window opens on the right side, preloaded with seven basic snippets that you can use to customize your knowledge base site. Click the Heading tag font style ( The snippet will be added to your Custom CSS code block) → ctl+S to save it.
  4. Hover over to View site at the top right to view the changes


Red Hat Display is the default Header font style for all the <H> tags. You can modify the custom font style and color in the header font style snippet, which applies to the entire knowledge base.

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