Make (formerly Integromat), an online automation tool used to connect Document360 with various other third-party tools and applications. It acts as a bridge to create automated workflows called Scenarios, which work based on actions and triggers.

You must have an active Make account to begin, or you can sign up for an account.
Facing any troubles with the Make scenario setup? Navigate to the Make scenario setup guide to start.
Learn how to connect Document360 with other apps using Make. You can build workflows and automate repetitive tasks.

API key generation in Document360

  1. Navigate to the desired Document360 project.

  2. Go to Settings -> Knowledge base portal -> Extensions -> Team collaboration

  3. In the Zapier extension assistant, click Connect

  4. A Connect details blade appears with a generated key in it

  5. Click Copy

This API key will be used to connect the Document360 knowledge base with third party applications on Zapier.

Make use cases for Document360

  • Asana + Document360
  • + Document360
  • Typeform + Document360
  • Google Docs + Document360
  • Jira + Document360