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  • 13 Oct 2022
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Get assistance

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The Get assistance option activates and launches Document360's Knowledge base assistant.
The Knowledge base assistant can be used for self-serve, looking up the company knowledge base, or raising a support ticket.


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, click on the Help icon on the bottom left
  2. Select the Get assistance option, and the blade appears on the right with the Knowledge base assistant
    • Page Help
    • Knowledge base
    • Quick support


  1. Customers can use the Page help tab to search for and find answers from the Document360 product documentation. The version and language dropdown can be used to make the selection
  2. If you want to browse through and read from the simple help articles available, switch to the Knowledge base tab at the top. The version and language dropdown can be used to make the selection
  3. If you want to solve a problem or raise a support ticket, you can switch to the Quick support tab. Follow the interactive and intuitive questions to get support
  4. The blade can be moved anywhere on the screen by clicking on the reposition icon next to the close button (top-right)

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