"Site access" refers to the access setting in your Document360 project that controls the visibility of your Knowledge base site. Depending on your plan, you can choose between three available site access setting options.

Available "Site access" modes

Public access

A public access Knowledge base site is accessible by everyone on the web. The published content of the Knowledge base can be accessed with direct links or via search engines on the web browser. No login is required.

For example, Document360's help article site, docs.document360.com is a public access knowledge base.

Private access

A private knowledge base means the content is kept secure and private, only accessible to specific people with a Reader account or Team account. It is not open for the public to see.

When a knowledge base is set to private, readers must sign in with their credentials to view articles.

Mixed access

A Mixed access knowledge base is a hybrid site access setting that allows parts of the knowledge base to be public and parts of the Knowledge base to be private access only for reader accounts with login credentials.

Managing site access settings

To view and manage the site access settings in your project

  1. From the Knowledge base portal, navigate to "Settings > Users & Security > Site access"
  2. Your project's site access is available in this section
  3. You can switch between the available access settings

For example, Mixed to Private (or) Private to Public

  1. When switching from Mixed to Private (or) Private to Mixed, you might want to reconsider the previously assigned access permissions